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27 September 2021 11:41
On September 26, Sumgayit State University's Faculty of Philology and Student Youth Organization organized an event entitled "Jennet qokhulu September" dedicated to September 27-Remembrance ... Read more
26 September 2021 16:13
On September 25, the Faculty of Philology organized an online art-scientific seminar on "The Second Karabakh War - the most glorious page in the history of our statehood" dedicated to Septem... Read more
25 September 2021 15:12
On September 25, the staff of the Sumgayit City Hygiene and Epidemiology Center carried out disinfection against coronavirus in all educational buildings of Sumgayit State University: corridors, audit... Read more
25 September 2021 15:05
As a sign of deep respect to our soldiers and officers, all our martyrs who fought heroically in the war, waved the Azerbaijani flag in our liberated lands, sacrificed their lives for the territorial ... Read more
24 September 2021 23:06
A 3-day online training on “Means of Quality Assurance” was held from 22 to 24 September within the framework of the European Commission-funded Erasmus + EQAC project “Establishment ... Read more
24 September 2021 19:37
An online meeting of the Scientific Council was held at Sumgayit State University on September 24. The rector greeted the members of the Scientific Council, professor-teaching staff and informed them... Read more
24 September 2021 14:53
An online event dedicated to September 27 - Remembrance Day was held at the Faculty of History and Geography on September 24. First, the souls of our martyrs who died for the freedom and territorial ... Read more
24 September 2021 14:51
On September 23, the Faculty of Physics and Electroenergetics organized an online scientific-practical conference on "Our heroes who are sons of the motherland" dedicated to September 27 - R... Read more
24 September 2021 13:05
On September 24, the Faculty of Engineering hosted an online event titled "The Road from War to Victory" dedicated to September 27 - Remembrance Day, organized by the Student Youth Organizat... Read more
23 September 2021 17:29
On September 23, at the Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering, an event was organized by the Student Youth Organization on the theme "44-day Chronicle of Victory in the Two-Century Confli... Read more
20 September 2021 10:50
On September 17, “Shehid bulaghi” built in memory of the martyr Guliyev Elgun Vasif oglu was opened in Goylar village of Shamakhi region. The opening ceremony was attended by the staff of... Read more
16 September 2021 13:37
Following the quarantine rules, a meeting dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Valeh Mammadov, Associate Professor of the Process Automation Department of the Engineering Faculty of SSU was held on Se... Read more
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