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Engineering Faculty was founded in 1973.This faculty had been called Power Engineering, Automation and Mechanical Engineering since 1976. In 1992 Power Engineering was separated and the Faculty was called Automation-Mechanical Engineering. In 1997 Mechanical Engineering was decomposed and there was established a Faculty called Automation.
The Faculty of Engineering was established on the basis of engineering professions which are based on the Power Engineering in 2006. Nowadays dean of Engineering Faculty is associate professor Ulduz Kheyrulla oglu Aghayev.
Faculty staff consists of 5 professors, Doctor of technical sciences, 12 associate professors Candidate of technical sciences, 17 senior lecturers and 6 assistants.
At present 4 PhD students on doctor of sciences program, 17 PhD candidates on doctor of philosophy program are engaged in scientific work in the Faculty.
Education is lead in full-time and correspondence forms. 521 students – among them 487 students study in Bachelor’s degree (432 students are enrolled in full-time and 55 in the correspondence) and 34 students for Master’s degree are enrolled in the education process.
There are 4 departments in the Faculty:
Department of Information and Computer Technics
Department of Metrology and Standardization
Department of Information Technologies and Programming
Department of Process Automation
International certificate of independent accreditation company of Europe (ASIIN) was given to 2 specialties:
1. On Bachelor’s level
-the specialty of process automation engineering
2. On Master’s level
- the specialty of energy management
Majors for Bachelor’s degree:
-Computer engineering
-Industrial engineering
-Process automation engineering
-Information technologies
-Metrology, standardization and certification engineering
-Engineering of transport and management organization in transportation
Majors for Master’s degree:
-Computer engineering
- Information systems in management
-Automation of technological processes and production
-Standardization and certification
-Information systems in management (on MBA program)
Majors for Ph. Degree:
3338.01-Systematic analyses, management and information systems
3337.01-Information-measuring and management systems
Major research directions of the Faculty:
-Study and processing of information systems and elements
-Processing theoretical and practical problems of automated projecting, construction, modeling and managing instruments
-Creating automated managing systems for production processes
-Theoretical principles of two-phased conditional mechanics and calculating of construction elements.
There are 8 teaching laboratories which meet modern requirements:
1. Computer technologies and programming
2. Information technologies and systems
3. Electron converters and measurements
4. Automation and information techniques
5. Technical means and technological measurements
6. Automatic regulations, digital managements and local systems
7. Establishment of innovation set among universities. Videoconference hall
8. Standardization and measuring techniques.
This faculty has a special place in expansion of interrelations of Sumgayit State University with foreign countries. In 2004 with the support of the Ministry of Education the preparation of students began for the profession of “Automation and information techniques” with the Bachelor’s degree’; in 2007 in the framework of Tempus Project with the profession “Energy management” preparation of students began with the Master’s degree for chemical industry.
The following student organizations are functioning in the faculty: Student Scientific Society, Study Council, Student Youth Organization, and Student Free Trade Union Organization.
Engineering faculty chairs and scientific research laboratories
43th district, Baku street 1
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20