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Inclusive Education Center
The center for students with physical disabilities was created within the framework of the European Union project "Integration of persons with physical disabilities into higher education institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan".The name of the center is changed to Inclusive Education Center in order to expand its scope of activity and meet modern standards. The new Regulations of the Inclusive Education Center were approved by the decision of the meeting of the Scientific Council of Sumgayit State University dated 21.12.2022 (protocol No. 04). The head of the department of Pedagogy and psychology is docent Mammadova Aytekin Telman gizi.
In its activities, Inclusive Education Center is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, international legal acts, the Laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Education" and "On Education (special education) of Persons with Disabilities" and other normative legal acts, as well as the Regulation of the Center. The scope of activities of the Inclusive Education Center includes: to hold meetings students with disabilities in general educational institutions, to provide them with information about the activities of the center of the university, to hold meetings who admitted to the first course of the university and to inform them about the opportunities created at the university, to hold working meetings with teachers who teach students with disabilities,to participate in the preparation of exam rules for them before the exam session, to engage volunteers in the work of the center and their training, to conduct consultations with the Career and Employment Center with graduates in order to employ the graduates with disabilities and so on. The center is located in the building of the Scientific department of SSU (room No. 5).
The Inclusive Education Center operates five working days a week.
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phone: 051 311 07 71
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