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24 February 2022 12:45
The 30th anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy is commemorated with deep sorrow at Sumgayit State University, as everywhere in the country. Events dedicated to the anniversary of the tragedy are organize... Read more
19 February 2022 16:15
An online round table dedicated to the International Mother Language Day was held on February 19 at Sumgayit State University on "Let"s love and protect our mother tongue" at the initia... Read more
16 February 2022 16:43
On February 16, a ceremony was held to present certificates to the participants who successfully completed the first phase of the English for Academic Purposes program as part of the US Embassy"s... Read more
16 February 2022 15:43
Today, on 16.02.2022, employees of Sumgayit State University took part in a round table on "Flying wind power plant in Grozny" in the online format on the ZOOM platform in Grozny" such ... Read more
16 February 2022 12:46
An event called "Shusha - the revived value of our history!" dedicated to the "Year of Shusha" organized by the "Victory Ceremony" was held on January 29 at the Baku Yout... Read more
15 February 2022 15:46
A teacher"s life is like a burning candle. It is no coincidence that the great leader Heydar Aliyev always said, "I do not know the honorable name of a teacher in the world." The owners... Read more
11 February 2022 15:07
On February 11, all employees of Sumgayit City Hygiene and Epidemiology Center carried out disinfection against coronavirus in all educational buildings of Sumgayit State University: corridors, audito... Read more
10 February 2022 15:40
On February 10, an online presentation "Strategic Road Map" was held with the participation of Sumgait State University in international rankings. The event was attended by members of the re... Read more
08 February 2022 17:37
An online meeting of the Scientific Council was held at Sumgayit State Universoty on February 8. Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the members of the Scientific Council, faculty, cultural even... Read more
04 February 2022 20:29
As it is known, 9 projects supported within the framework of the grant competition the implementation of "Development of higher and secondary speciality education in 2021/2022" has been star... Read more
03 February 2022 10:54
The project "Meeting with young entrepreneurs" took place at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics on February 3 . At the meeting, young entrepreneurs Mahammad Kekalov and Konul Guli... Read more
02 February 2022 12:02
"I Strategic Planning Forum" of Student Youth Organizations dedicated to the Youth Day on February 2 was held on January 31, with the support of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerb... Read more
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