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Students Youth Organization
In all higher secondary educational institutions of our republic, including our university, the Student Youth Organization, which operates on a voluntary basis carries out important work in order to strengthen the activity of students in the institutions where they study, and forms close relations between groups and faculties. That is why, in accordance with the Regulation approved by the Ministry of Education, the Student Youth Organization of SSU drew up its own charter and started its activity in 2005.
Staff members of the Student Youth Organization operate in the university in educational, scientific, social and cultural fields. Taking into account the interests of students, these staffs prepare projects in various directions, communicate with other institutions and implement these projects in faculties and groups.
The organization has been headed by V. Gulmaliyeva, A. Guliyeva, N. Khudiyev, A. Naciyeva, N. Huseynov, T. Hajili, E.Novruzlu since its foundation. Currently, Ravan Pashayev is working as the chairman of SYO of SSU . Student Youth Organization has created various clubs in order to identify talented students and effectively organize their free time:
Art club - within the field of activity, revealing the artistic potential of students-young people within the university, organizing art exhibitions, competitions, holding trainings ensures the development of students" artistic skills along with education. Members of the art club learn the secrets of art at a high level.
We  should note that trainings in this field are organized every Friday.
Within the scope of the Intellectual Games Club, the university regularly organizes competitions and tournaments among students-young people in various intellectual formats. During its activity, the Intellectual Games Club has occupied its own place, and continues to develop and expand its scope, guided by the goal of gathering talented students around it and constantly moving forward as a team. At the same time, the club allows students to participate in competitions outside the university.
Book club -The club operates for students who are interested in fiction, like to read books and spend their free time effectively. The purpose of the club is to gather book lovers together, to create an opportunity for them to exchange ideas and discuss works of local and foreign literature. The club organizes sincere meetings with writers and reciters. Regularly, on weekends, discussions are held on the selected works.
Sports club - the Student Youth Organization Sports club operates in order to develop students" sports skills, effectively organize their free time and arouse interest in various types of sports. Within the activity of the club, there ara many types of sports such as: football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, checkers, fencing, badminton, etc. The members of the sports club have always been distinguished by their achievements.
Debate club - Currently, "Debate Clubs" are operating in more than 200 educational institutions, and they have been operating regularly in our university since 2019. The club plays a role in developing debating abilities and habits, as well as increasing the carriers of public speaking culture by instilling the skills of debate among students within the university. A debate is a mutual discussion with at least two sides. By means of debate, young people"s persuasion, reasoning, argumentation, research skills, and public speaking skills develop. Our debaters adequately represent Sumgayit State University at the Republican Youth Debate Forum, Baku Youth Debate Forum and other forums.


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