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Folklore studies
1. Folklore studies  research laboratory operates  according to the order of the Ministry of Education of 09.08.01 891 and the rector of SSU 14.08.01. It has been headed by 2001-2012 phd in pedagogy Shamkhalil Mammadov  and since 2014   prof. Aslan Bayramov.
2. SRL has 1 professor, 1 researcher, 1 junior researcher and 2 senior laboratory assistants.
3. Professor Bayramov Aslan Ahmadkhan oglu - head of SRL
   Guluyeva Sheyda Isa gizi - teacher, researcher, dissertator
   Isgandarov Balakishi Atakishi oglu - teacher, junior researcher, dissertator
   Babayeva Aynura Nizami gizi - chief laboratory assistant, doctoral student
Rahtari Mahira Famil gizi - chief laboratory assistant, dissertator
4. 3 dissertators and 1 doctoral student are engaged in scientific work in SRL.
5. Scientific directions of folklore research laboratory:
1) Poetics of epic genres in Azerbaijani folklore
2) "Kitabi-Dada Gorgud" as an eternal and rich source in art
3) Onomastic units used in folklore samples and their stylistic possibilities
4) Some problems of ashug creativity
5) The cults of trees, water, mountains, birds and horses in mythological thought
6) Reflection of folklore motifs in written literature
6. The main scientific publications of SRL in recent years:
1) Mahmud Kashgari's "Divani dictionary-it turk", Agbaba dialect and proverbs
2) Dialect and dialectic words in the examples of Azerbaijani folklore (on the basis of bayati and proverbs)
3) Comparison of archaic genres spread in the folklore environment of Western Azerbaijan with the epos "Kitabi-Dada Gorgud"
4) Proverbs and sayings in Agbaba accent
5) Amin Abid's folklore activity
6) Methods, forms and types of extracurricular activities on literary ethnography
7) Opinions of prominent people about folklore
8) The incarnation of archaic genres in Goycha ashug poetry. Curses (Article II)
9) About some metaphors used in “Dada Gorgud” epos
10) Genre characteristics of oaths
11) Folk games in Azerbaijani folklore
12) Our main book - Dada Gorgud. Materials of the scientific conference (2014)
13) Some features of lyrical genres in the folklore environment of South Azerbaijan
14) Dada Gorgud as a symbol of wisdom in the Turkish lands
15) Ethnographic and onomastic lexical units transferred from Azerbaijani to Armenian.
16) Representation of names of clothes and ornaments in bayatis.
17) Azerbaijan onomastics, Baku, “AM (965)” LLC, 2015, 319 pages. (Textbook)
18) Sufism in the art of Ozan-ashug
19) M. Kashgari's "Divan" and Agbaba dialect
20) Folklore motifs in the works of Mikail Mushfig
21) Dictionary of Agbaba dialect, Sumgayit, “AM (965)” LLC, 2014, 278 pages.
22) The book “Songs of Agbaba” by the national poet B. Khalilzade (Baku, 2017) has been published.
23) Our historical tragedies: deportation, repression and genocide. Baku, “AM (965)” LLC, 2015, 416 pages.
24)  Word wreath of Oghuz people: Aghbaba folklore. Baku, Zeka Print LLC, 2017, 568 pages.
25) AXC- 100. Poet of our national independence - Ahmad Javad
26) Folklore motifs in the works of Mustafa Chemenli
27) Children's tales in written literature
28) The origin of Azerbaijani riddles
29) Objection  against death in lamentations
30) Influence of folk art traditions on Mammad Aslan's poetry
31) Sufism in the works of Pir Sultan
32) Ashig Alasgar and Garajaoghlan
33) Cults in morphological thinking, etc.
6 books (4 textbooks)  more than 70 articles and scientific conference materials, 1 monograph were published by the laboratory staff on various directions of folklore studies in the scientific-research laboratory.
1. SH.I. Guliyeva “National-moral values ​​in ashig creativity” SSU, 2006, 110 p.
2. Publication of the book of poems "If life is faithful" by the national poet Mammad Saleh (author, compiler and editor of the introduction: SH.I.Guliyeva)
3. AA Bayramov. Word wreath of Oghuz people: Aghbaba folklore. Baku: Zeka Print, 2017, 566 p.
4. AA Bayramov. “Azerbaijan onomastics (textbook). Baku: AM-965, 2015, 317 p.
5. Collection of articles "Our main book Dada Gorgud". SSU, 2015 (Author and compiler of the foreword AA Bayramov)
6. Book of poems "Songs of Agbaba" by folk poet Bakhtiyar Khalilzade. Baku: Zeka Print, 2017, 122 p. (compiler and editor AA Bayramov)
7. SRL employees have relations with the Institute of Literature of ANAS, the Institute of Linguistics and the Institute of Folklore studies, the faculty of Philology and Folklore studies laboratory of ASPU, the faculty of Philology and the department of Azerbaijan Folklore studies  of BSU, the state library named after Akhundov.
8. From time to time scientific seminars and jubilee events were held in the folklore studies research laboratory and the press was informed about it:
1. Republican Scientific Conference on "Research, Promotion and Teaching of Azerbaijani Oral Folk Art"
2. M. Tahmasib as a folklorist (2011)
3. AA Bayramov, AA Bayramova. Dictionary of Agbaba dialect. Sumgayit, AM965, 2014, 280 p.
4. Scientific-theoretical conference on the 200th anniversary of the translation of "Kitabi-Dada Gorgud" into German (2015)
5.  A round table  called " Devoting himself to literature " on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of S. Mumtaz's birth(2019)
6. Anniversary event dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Ashig Alasgar (2021)
9. In addition to the above, folklore samples were collected and published in the university newspaper with the participation of students studying at the faculty of Philology. Students' scientific articles were also published through SSO.
10. Prof. Bayramov Aslan Ahmadkhan oglu member of the Union of Journalists of Azerbaijan since1998 was awarded: on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of his birth on March 20, 2007 by the order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 11/23 "Badge of the leading educator of the Republic of Azerbaijan" Honorary Diploma of the International Diaspora Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan for his research in the field of history and culture, in connection with the 50th anniversary of SSU  the "Tereggi" medal by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 16.XI.2012. In connection with the 75th anniversary of his birth he was awarded an honorary diploma of the rector of SSU.
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