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Admission of international students

Sumgayit State University, which is one of the biggest higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan announces international students’ admission to training course, bachelor (undergraduate) and master (graduate) programs in all specialties.
Education is conducted in Azerbaijani language. Foreigner, who wants to study in SSU, must submit the required documents according to the following rule.
-electronic form
-main form
Foreigners, who apply in electronic form, can choose specialty and language of education by filling the online application form in www.edu.sdu.az. In both cases foreign applicants are invited to exam, assessing the degree of knowledge of the language chosen by the applicants after the admission of documents.
Foreign applicant, who successfully passes the exam, can continue their education on the chosen specialty in first course without getting preparatory course. Foreign applicants who cannot pass the exam successfully have the opportunity to study in preparatory course.
Visa procedure
Foreigners have to obtain student visa before coming to the university.  Only after it the temporary residence permit is provided by State Migration Service in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Sumgayit is the youth city situated at 30 km from Baki. There are all conditions to live and rest in the city. According to the latest information, its area is 94,7 km2 and population is 337,200. The only high school in the city is Sumgayit State University. International students and students from the regions of Azerbaijan study at the university. At the present, dormitories are being replaced with new buildings, therefore, students hire flats. Social networks are widely used for involving international students. So, on a Facebook page (Sumgayit State University – International Students) and official portal (www.sdu.edu.az) of the university necessary information is shared in English and Russian. “Contact us” section of the university web site (sdu.edu.az) is functioning for answering questions. Also, questions related to international student admission are replied on info@sdu.edu.az.
Every foreign citizen must be registered during 10 days after entering the Republic of Azerbaijan. An international student has to come with education visa. The education visa is received by the following procedure.

  1. Electronic visa ASAN
  2. Via invitation letter from embassy and consular offices. In both cases the name and address of the university should be indicated. Only after gaining the right to study it is possible to apply to State Migration Service according to letters of support by the university and Ministry of Education. The period of temporary residence permit for students is one academic year.

Responsible persons’ information for education organization, admission rules and migration procedures is as following:
Mammadova Samira
     e-mail: inter_department@sdu.edu.az
We welcome every international student who comes to study at our university.

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