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Laboratory of Folklore study
Scientific research laboratory functions according to the order №891 dated 09.08.01 by Ministry of Education and according to the order №256/06 dated 14.08.01 by the rector of SSU. During 2001-2012, the department was led by Shamkhalil Mammadov, candidate of pedagogical sciences and since 2014 the department has been leading by Professor Astan Bayramov, doctor of philological sciences.
1 professor, 1 scientific worker, 1 junior scientific worker and a chief laboratory worker work at the laboratory.
1.Professor Bayramov Astan Ahmadkhan oglu – head of SRL 2.Guluyeva Sheyda Isa gizi – lecturer, scientific worker, PhD candidate 3.Isgandarov Balakishi Atakishi oglu – lecturer, junior scientific worker, PhD candidate 4.Babayeva Aynura Nizami gizi – senior lab. worker, PhD student
3 PhD candidates are engaged in scientific work at the laboratory.
Scientific directions of SRL of folklore study: 1.Poetics of epic genres in Azerbaijani folklore (oath, cheers, curse, exorcism, etc.) 2. Folklore study of Azerbaijan in 20th century (A.Abid, M.Tahmasib, A.Akhundov) 3.“Kitabi Dede Gorgud” as eternal and rich source in artistic creativity
Onomastic units and stylistic possibilities in the models of folklore samples 5.Sufism in ashug creativity 6.Tree, water, mountain, bird and horse cults in mythological thinking 7. Reflection of folklore motives in written literature 6. Main scientific publications of the laboratory in recent years:
1.“Divani lugat-it turk by Mahmud Gashgari”, Aghbaba accent and proverbs
2.Dialect and accent words in the samples of Azerbaijani folklore (on the basis of bayati and proverbs)
3.Comparison of the archaic genres spread in Western Azerbaijani folklore environment with the epos of “Kitabi-Dede Gorgud”.
4. Sayings and proverbs in Aghbaba accent
5.Folklore activities of Amin Abidin
6.Methods, forms and types of extracurricular works on literary ethnography
7. Prominent people’s views about folklore
8.Reflection of the archaic genres in Goycha Ashug poetry; Curses (II article)
9.About some figurative expressions used in epos of “Dede Gorgud”
10.Genre character of oaths 11.Folk games in Azerbaijani folklore
12.Our main book – Dede Gorgud. Materials of scientific conference(2014)
13.Some features of lyric genres in South Azerbaijani folklore environment
14.Dede Gorgud as a symbol of wisdom in Turkish lands
15.Ethnographic and onomastic lexis units in Armenian language obtained from Azerbaijani language
16. Reflection of clothes and accessories names.
17.Azerbaijani onomastics, Baku, “AM (965)” LLC, 2015, 319 p. (Textbook)
18. Tasawwuf in ozan-ashug art
19. “Divan” by M.Kashgari and Aghbaba accent
20. Folklore motives in creativity of Mikayil Mushfig
21. Glossary for Aghbaba accent, Sumgayit, “AM (965)” LLC, 2014, 278 p.
22. The book of “Aghbaba chants” by B.Khalilzade was published
23. Our historical tragedies: deportation, repression and massacre.
24. Word wreath of Oguz: Aghbaba folklore
25. ADR-100. Praiser of national independence –Ahmad Cavad
26. Folklore motives in Mustafa Chemenli’s creativity
27. Child fairy tales in written literature
28. Source of Azerbaijani riddle.
29. Protest against death in aghi.
30. The influence of folk art traditions to Mammad Aslan poetry.
6 books (4 textbooks), 103articles and a monograph have been published at the SRL.
Co-workers of the laboratory have relationship with ANAS Institute of Literature and Institute of Folklore, Philology faculty and folklore study laboratory of ASPU, philology faculty and Azerbaijani folklore department of BSU and State library named after Akhundov.
Professor Bayramov Aslan Ahmadkhan oghlu was awarded with the badge of “Advanced education employee” by the Ministry of Education (order №11/23) on 60th anniversary of his birth in 2007. Besides, he was awarded with the Honorary Diploma by the International Diaspora Center of Azerbaijan Republic in 2011 for his researches on history and culture of Iravan khanate. He is a holder of “Taraggi” medal on the basis of Order of President of Azerbaijan Republic on the occasion of 50th anniversary of SSU.
Sumgait city,
43rd district, Baku street 1,
Phone: +994-18 642-16-20