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The conversion of Armenian nationalism with the philosophy of total nationalism.

Nationalism in fact is an ideological movement of the belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals. Nationalism implies national identity of personality has been derived from philosophical, historical and anthropological expressions of XVII and XVII centuries. Personality means the quality of being a unique person.
Group members are wearing, alike, talk the same language, have the same traditions; at the same time show that they are different from individuals who do not belong to them. The resemblance - also the appearance of differentness, consider the meaning of "personality". So it does not matter what are the ethnic roots. 
For example, years before, there are in Mongolia it wasn’t significant point of view the ethnicity of Mongolia, the important thing was to accept and live like Mongols according to Mongolian law. That was the basic principle for many countries. Only Hays (so called Armenians) didn’t want to live to this principle because they never had their state and ethnic similarity with other nations.  Disadvantages of Armenian  nationalism  manifests itself in this sense. Actually, there is no harmful about that. Firstly, Armenian nationalism had never been modernist and secondly, representing nothing very much, their nationalism is demonstrated from a selfish aspect against other nations.
This approach wouldn’t allow Armeniannationalism to flourish on healthy thoughts. There are many opinions about nationalism. As Armenians were different in some aspects, we will try to research and enlighten some aspects to research Armenian’s antihuman character. Firstly, we have to define how Armenian society  understand nationalism. In their opinion ‘notion’ is an Armenian notion and nations living in boundaries aren’t mentioned as nation. Armenian nationalists had never been ‘modernist’ and stood out with selfish approach and had top –down look to other nations.Nations are thus defined in terms of will and culture, but only in the era of nationalism. Nationalism creates nations, not the other way around.
In the West, the  notion of nationalism wasmeant to achieve freedom and was taken as a conception. In Europe the French laid the foundation of modern nationalism. In England the classical type of of nationalism was established.
Model based on Adam Smith can be easily related to Armenian nationalism. Here is a link with general ancestor Hayk, the Armenian "golden age" in nostalgia shows (though that will rise to 1.5 thousand years after a stroke), the country is losing interest and pity. The "national myth" stipulated a group of intellectuals in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.  
Among them were writers, publicists, clergy and others.  Raffi, Leo, Artsruni, Mıkrtic Xrimyan  had spread this ideology into the media. "Msak" newspaper, then the "fights", "Drosaq" and other broadcasting are the sample. The Russian citizens of Armenian origin and Russian nationalists of the people they took away into the villages. Armenian nationalism was difficult to spread, they were standing by the effects of armed forces. In this case, the history of the "heroic myths" also came to support. For example,  David of Sasun. Leo, who presented an exaggerated form of othauthor of novels about the struggle Raffi ...
National ideology has been closely associated with the Christian religion. Located approximately 32 km far from Yerevan, a few thousand of Armenian come to Qarni temple and celebrate the holiday with Vardavar want to say that the real Hays (our sense of Armenians) and religion are not Christianity but this religion. It is strange that this holiday was included in the Christian calendar. Here, there is a strange logic. But these people have created the holy book for themselves . "We do not know what is the true religion of Armenians? To light a candle in the chuch and hang cross did not mean to be a Christian . All Armenians are not sincere in this religion. One of those who actively participated in the Feast of Vardavar "Armenian Ari Order" Armen Avetisyan, head of the ultranationalist organization  claimed to give up Christianity by Armenians in 2005 and he was arrested for 3 years. He also affirmed the people to destroy the Jews.Avetisyan with his comrades wore black shirts with a photo of racist ideologist Njdeni. Recall that the Armenian chauvinist ideologist Garegin Nzhdeh has lived in 1886-1955.
Remind that Armenian chauvinist  ideologist Garegin  Nzhdeh has lived in 1886-1955. He had fought against the Turks even the Bolsheviks and Armenian nationalism and was the author of  books about the basics of Armenian nationalism. Tsaxakron has created a so-called ultra-chauvinistic training.On the basis of his ideas o the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutiun, including many political organizations, and the Armenian Republican Party’s platform was established.
Translator: Yahyayeva Kamala


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