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A Mediatur was Organized to Monitor Examination Process in the University

On June 13, NGO and media representatives, education experts and students’ parents watched examination process in Sumgayit State University according to the order signed by Minister of Education of Azerbaijan Republic Mikayil Jabbarov “On organization and conduct of the exam session”.
Education experts – Etibar Aliyev, Nadir Israfilov, the head of “Constitution” Research Foundation Almammad Nuriyev, chief of “ Development of Society and Civil Relations” Social Union Ahmad Abbasbayli , the head of web-site Zulfugar Huseynzade , executive director of  anti-corruption Foundation Vasif Movsumov, the representative of AzTV participated in monitoring process. The delegation visited exam rooms holding by different faculties and the section of Evaluation and quality control.
Associate professor, the head of Methodical Training Center Isabal Qurbanov and invigilators notified that, answer sheets given to students have been encoded to ensure objectivity. Encoding of writings, checking and dispatching the results to deanery are conducted in special rooms.  As a rule, examinations are held in written form. The students scored more than 17 points and got affirmative mark could submit an application to increase their marks by being examined orally. If the result is not satisfied, previous mark remains.
For investigation of discontent that can occur during session and solution of them Headquarters, appeal commission and “Hotline” were established.
The representatives watched exam process and held conversation with students. They notified that, the aim of monitorings conducted about exam process is to abolish negative cases.
The students’ proposals were listened, the questions were responded. In their turn, they highly appreciated the works done to provide objectivity and transparency during exams.
Afterwards, the members of monitoring group met with Elkhan Huseynov, rector of Sumgayit State University. The rector expressed his gratitude to see them in the university and widely spoke about material-technical base, cadre preparation and international relations of the university. It should be noted that, present development of the university that is on the eve of 55th Anniversary differs considerably from previous years. Estimable works are conducted to strengthen its material-technical base, to firm cadre potential, to increase the quality of education and to ensure transparency in exams. In result of successful policy on growth of regions carried by President Mr. Ilham Aliyev substantial projects are conducted to form cadre potential in SSU to get access to world markets. 5 years quality certificates were given to our university by ASIIN- well-known accreditation agency of Europe for gained achievements. The rector emphasized in his speech that, significant works were done in application of last scientific achievements to practice, purchase of new equipments, as well as new laboratory and subject cabinets were established, Linguistic Centre began its activity. Science and Training Centre was jointly founded by SSU and PMI; in the framework of cooperation with Sumgayit Tech-Park, “Azerichemistry” SU our students go to practice there. All these give students an opportunity to grow as a qualified cadre.
Informing about exam process and activities done in this field, the rector noted that, our representatives - vice-rector on Correspondent, distant and additional education Qafar Atayev was attached to the faculties of Chemistry and biology, Physics – electroenergetics, vice-rector on Science and innovations Professor Ramazan Mammadov to the faculties of History and geography, Philology, Economics and management, Engineering and Mathematics for the aim of operative supervision to exam process.
Successful educational reforms of our country, achievements and realized projects in SSU were discussion matters in the meeting.
Later, the guests visited rich digital library and newly established laboratories.

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