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A Roundtable Was Held on “Strategic Road Map for National Economy and Main Sectors of Economy”

On April 27, in Sumgait State University in Heydar Aliyev Center a roundtable was held on “Strategic road map for national economy and main sectors of economy”. Committee Chairman of Milli Majlis on economic policy, industry and entrepreneurship, academician Ziyad Samedzadeh, SOCAR Azerikimya Production Unit Supervisory Board’s Chairman Mukhtar Babayev, deputy of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic, doctor of economics, professor Khanhuseyn Kazimli, Adviser to the Minister of Taxes, General Director of the Taxpayer Service and transparent tax partnership Department Alekper Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Economic and Social Development, PhD in economics, assistant professor Vugar Bayramov, Head of accounting and auditing Department of UNEC, Doctor of Economics, professor Sifariz Sabzaliyev, Chairman of the Coordinating Council for Economic Problems of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Associate member of NAS, doctor of economics Akif Musayev, Chief of Regional Tax Department # 2, Chief Tax Consultant Abbas Ismayilov attended the meeting.
Rector of SSU, professor Elkhan Huseynov opening the event welcomed the guests and informed about the document on “Fundamental directions of Strategic road map for national economy and main sectors of economy”, as well as continuous and systematic reforms. He said that Azerbaijan strengthened its political and economic independence and developed its state system, mastered democratic values, created economic model and achieved success in these fields. All these were possible through realizing the principles laid by Heydar Aliyev who contributed to Azerbaijan statehood. His political course not only helped Azerbaijan Republic’s development, but also the region’s perspective, its political and economic integration to the world. Right now systematic work is done to ensure continuity of socio-economic development and to establish mature market economy. Rector also noted that “Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the future” Development Concept, prepared by initiative and guidance of the President Mr. Ilham Aliyev, is the main program to define strategic targets for efficient use and guaranty of foregoing opportunities. With the aim of preparing new economic development strategy and deep analysis of current economic situation by the order (#1897, March 16, 2016) of President of Azerbaijan Republic “Fundamental directions of Strategic road map for national economy and main sectors of economy” were approved, and proper working group was set up in order to provide the work of appropriate development plans. The Strategic road maps include economic development strategy and action plan for 2016-2020, long-term view till 2025 and target view after 2025. Rector also noted that in Strategic road map, raising the quality in all stages of education and improvement of high schools in the format of “education-research-innovation” are reflected. The role of higher education, especially of universities is irreplaceable in preparing of highly qualified, more civilized and skilled cadres. Today, the dean of Economy and Management faculty of our university assistant professor Aynur Yahyayeva and teaching staff organize meetings in this field and contribute to formation of cadre potential which is necessary for the county’s economic development. In the end of his speech the rector also noted that the fulfillment of this conceptual and pragmatic project which takes into consideration all real resources of our country bears strategic importance in terms of economic growth and making the country stronger in international arena. He believes this project which was guided by Ilham Aliyev will accelerate the development of national economy and improve social welfare.
In the meeting participants made reports in various topics: Ziyad Samedzadeh-“Impacts of Strategic road map for main sectors of national economy on state’s economic policy”, Mukhtar Babayev-“Azerbaijan petrochemical industry: perspectives, development plans”, Khanhuseyn Kazimli-“Modern strategic targets of small and medium enterprises in Azerbaijan”, Alekper Mammadov-“Tax policy and sustainable development”, Vugar Bayramov-“Sustainable development of financial services in Azerbaijan as one of the priorities of post-oil era”, Sifariz Sabzaliyev-“The role of accounting and auditing in management of educational institutions”, Aynura Yahyayeva-“Strategic road map: new stage in the development of national economy”. The speakers noted that thanks to our leader Heydar Aliyev’s oil strategy the infrastructure has been modernized, non-oil economy has been developed; social well-being has been improved, state-owned assets increased and strategic currency reserves which outweigh the volume of GDP has been established. At present, this policy is being carried on by the President Ilham Aliyev. In order to get adapted to new challenges and to minimize the impact of current economic crisis taking several measurements and social-economic improvement are priorities. The speakers also emphasized that the roundtable will play important role in achieving targets and will ensure competitiveness of economy and improvement of social well-being.
The meeting continued with discussions of improvement of oil and gas industry in Azerbaijan Republic (including chemical products), the production of consumer goods in level of small and medium enterprises and issues of Strategic Road map about advanced financial services. Suggestions were put forward relating to above mentioned topics.

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