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Karabakh is ours and will be ours’!

On April 4, with the participation of more than three thousand professors- teachers and students there took place a rally with the purpose of support to our army at our Uni versity.  Starting from April 1 st night and the second of Aprilour military men and the civilians  were killed in the battles on the front line by the armed provocation of the Armenians against Azerbaijan.Our martyrs were remembered with a minute's silence.
Rector, professor Elkhan Huseynov congratulated the participants on the occasion of the initial victory, and said that, combat readiness of our armed forces rised as a result of high attention to our army building by the Supreme Commander , our army was equip ped with the most advanced combat techniques , with  new weapons and ammunition, military units. We will avenge our martyrs, we will soon liberate our lands closely uniting around the Commander-in-Chief . At the meeting of the Security Council Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said : ‘’We are showing  patience, tolerance, constructiveness, although we are living in cease-fire regime more than 20 years. Nevertheless, we are trying to resolve Karabakh problem peacefully. I have repeatedly stated that we want to solve the problem peacefully. We do not want war. We do not want bloodshed. We do not want young people to be killed. We do not want to shed tears of mothers. Azerbaijani, Armenian mothers shed tears. However, we demand our rights. There is no fault in it. We simply responded to the provocation against Azerbaijan. We have done the right thing.If the sabotage is committed against us again, they will be punished. And the - Second, we have a fight on our own land. We have not occupied Armenian lands. Armenian soldier does not want to die, begone from our lands. I have repeatedly said, I want to say. Azerbaijan is a multinational and multi-religious country. Azerbaijan is an example for many countries, multicultural place, a land of tolerance.”
The Rector expressed confidence that we Sumgait State University, will  willingly take up arms in the battle for freedom, liberation of the occupied lands, and the three coloured flag.
Dean of the Faculty of History and Geography , Professor Adil Bakhshaliev, second year student of the Faculty of History and Geography Nijat Ismayilov: "We want peace, but are ready to fight for the territorial integrity at any moment." Fourth-year student at Mirshamkhal Hasanli said that his brother is currently in the battles in front line, in my turn I am also an armed soldier. "The other students who have completed their military service Araz Hasanov:" If necessary, I am ready at any moment to fight as a practised soldier and  I'm waiting for the command of Commander. "the  fourth year student of the faculty of Chemical and biological Sama  Asadova:" every soldier who died for our country is the face of our youth ",head of the department of Philosophy and Law, professor Hasan Sadigov, dean of the faculty of Philology, professor Sevindj Hamza yeva , poet-publicist Mahmoud Laladag , second-year student of the faculty of Mathematics, Leyla Gurbanova, second year student of the faculty of Philology Konul  Ibrahimova noted that, today, we are celebrating a great military victory. We are confident that our enemy  will receive a response after it . The Azerbaijani army is capable of it. They defend their native land, they are fighting for their country, they are killed. All the martyrs live forever in our hearts.
The event ended with the slogan "Karabakh is ours and will be ours’’.
Translator: Khanlarova Aynura

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