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March 31 - practical conference devoted to the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis

The scientific - practical conference was held on March 31, to The Day of Azerbaijanis Genocide in Sumgait State University. First, there was made a minute of silence in tribute to the victims of genocide. Rector of the University, Professor Elkhan Huseynov opened the event and said that the mass killings of Azerbaijanis, exposed to repression in their homeland, deportations and expulsions strained the tragic history of the twentieth century. On March-April in 1918, the Dashnak-Bolshevik forces committed brutal massacres in different regions of Azerbaijan as their main goal was to erase ethnic Azerbaijanis from their historical lands and to owner their land. Rector also mentioned that from time to time by the Armenian nationalists held the policy of ethnic cleansing against our people, the genocide of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and its brutality carried out by Armenian Dashnaks who were elected to the brutality of Armenia's aggressive policy against Azerbaijan and Khojaly tragedy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other regions, and their grave consequences of the occupation, the destruction of cultural monuments in the occupied territories, in fact all it was the policy of Armenian separatism and terrorism. The rector Elkhan Huseynov also noted that after Heydar Aliyev returning to power again, he demonstrated a principled approach to this issue, the genocide and deportation policy of Armenian nationalists against our people organized for many years was the fully disclosed and exposed the essence. National leader Heydar Aliyev "On Azerbaijanis Genocide" dated 26 March 1998, was given political and legal assessment to serious crimes committed against our people. The national leader Heydar Aliyev " On Azerbaijanis Genocide " on the Decree signed on March 26, 1998 was given the political and legal assessment to the serious crimes committed against our people. Today, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev works is being done to eliminate the consequences of the Armenian aggression, Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and sovereignty of the leading world states and international forces to protect the country's fair position. At the meeting was given speech to The Head of the Chair “European and American countries and the Modern History”, Professor Shirhan Salimov on "Genocide committed by Armenians in Baku and surrounding settlements, the Laboratory Chief of " Folklore study” Professor Aslan Bayramov on "Genocide in Western Azerbaijan regions as Goycha, Zangezur and other provinces ", the Head of the chair of Azerbaijani History Isayev Amirkhan on “ Genocide committed by Armenians in Shamakhi and Guba ", the second-year student of the faculty of History and Geography Nidjat Ismayilov on "Genocide committed by Armenians in Shusha and other territories of Karabakh " speech. They said that as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, were exposed to genocide and many times to ethnic cleansing, only in the twentieth century - in 1905-1906, 1918-1920, 1948-1953, 1988-1993. In 1918-1920 massacres committed by Armenians in Baku, Guba, Shamakhi, Kurdamir, Lankaran, as well as Shusha, in Erivan, Zangezur, Nakhchivan, Ordubad, Kars and other regions as a result of the continuation of the brutal methods of killing hundreds of thousands ,more than a million of our citizens have been expelled from their homelands. In the end, there was shown a documentary film about the horrors of the genocide committed by Armenians.
Translator: Yahyayeva Kamala

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