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On June 9, the rectorate of Sumgayit State University was held.
Rector professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the participants of the meeting, brought to the participants" attention the issues on the agenda and spoke about the development of the university"s scientific and educational activities.
Associate professor Gafar Atayev, vice-rector for İnternational relations of the university, made a presentation "About the place of SSU in the National H-index ranking and the tasks ahead". He noted that the National H-index Ranking is an international, non-profit organization created for a uniform and transparent ranking of universities, scientific organizations and scientific research institutions. The primary metric (measure) is the Hirsch index, which is a well-known, popular, and stable metric in scientific research. A group of scientists from USA, Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Holland and Turkey are working on the project. Examining the ranking indicators of 2023, it shows that SSU is much higher than the institutions falling into the category of "Institutions with high scientific potential" according to the Google Scholar H index. In the certificate provided by the system, we are ranked 32nd place among 83 institutions only according to Google Scholar, and 52nd place according to the National Hirsh index. In addition, the Rating published the results of the Top 1000 scientists in the country. SSU is represented by 11 scientists in thousands.
After the discussions, Gafar Atayev – vice rector for International relations gave information about the place of SSU in the National H-index ranking and the upcoming tasks. In Scopus and WoS (Web of Science) scientific reference databases, creation of the university"s profile and organization of the working group, including scientists and researchers of SSU, was assigned to vice-rector for Science and innovations Ramazan Mammadov. Sadagat Fatullayeva and Sabir Khalilov, the head of the department of Master"s and doctoral studies, were entrusted for implementing of instructional measures to create profiles of doctoral students in scientific reference databases.
Faig Shirinov, director of the teaching methodical center, gave a detailed report on the approved student admission plan for the 2023/2024 academic year at Sumgayit State University. He said that the student admission plan designed for the 2023/2024 academic year for the university was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. For the 2023/2024 academic year, 1,540 students are planned for 47 majors, of which 1,280 places are intended for full-time education, and 260 places for part-time education. At the same time, this admission plan envisages part-time education with 10 places in each of three specialties (Corrective training, Mathematics and Environmental engineering) and one new specialty (Engineering physics).
Then, the head of the department of Doctoral studies and master"s degree, associate professor Sabir Khalilov, made a speech and stated that the project of forecast places for the master"s level for the academic year 2023/2024 was prepared based on the results of the student admission to the master"s level in the academic year 2022/2023, on the proposals received from the faculties. The draft of the prepared forecast places was sent to the Ministry of Science and Education for approval, and the student admission plan was approved and  included in the plan of the university. Associate professor Sabir Khalilov also noted that 124 (89.9%) people were admitted to Sumgayit State University in 2022 instead of 138 people in 61 specializations. For 2023, 136 people in 62 specializations, including 8 people in 4 new specializations, are predicted. This year, admission was not given to 4 specializations with vacant seats. Thus, the admission plan of 136 people for 62 specializations in 2023 has been approved for the university.
The information of Faig Shirinov, head of the Teaching Methodological Center, and associate professor Sabir Khalilov, head of the Doctorate and Master"s Department, about the approved student admission plan for the 2023/2024 academic year at Sumgayit State University, were widely discussed. It was decided that according to the approved plan places for the 2023/2024 academic year, the preparation of the distribution of the study load for the first courses and, if necessary, making certain corrections, should be assigned to associate professor Natig Talibov - vice rector on Teaching organization and training technologies. Preparation of educational plans for newly acquired specialties was entrusted to the deans of the faculty and the head of the Teaching Methodical Center Faig Shirinov.
Faculty deans were instructed to take into account the potential of the labor market and relevant specialty departments for providing specialist training in formulating the student admission plan for the next academic year.
After the discussions, appropriate decisions were made and the meeting of the rectorate finished its work.
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