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It is our historical achievement to create a worldwide state

On the 18th of October it was 24th anniversary of the State Independence Day in Azerbaijan.It is our people’s historical achievement to create a democratic,legal and worldwide state during these years.It is true that Azerbaijan is a total independence country at the moment.The state independence of Azerbaijan is the biggest wealth for each citizen of our republic.
It was hold an event dealing this great day in the faculty “Maths”.The dean of this faculty docent Zafar Huseynov congrulated the participants of the meeting.He stated that the events for improving people’s welfare situation was the result of the independence of our republic.
The docent of the faculty “History and Geography” Elmar Khalilov highlighted Azerbaijan regained its sovereignty and put an end to its dependence on the Soviet Empire at the end of XX century.
At last,on 18 October 1991 the Constitutional Act on the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved and adopted by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan.It was shown that the Independence Azerbaijan State is the legal inherit of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.The Constitutional Act consists of 6 chapters, 32 items.Our national leader Heydar Aliyev had the most labor in creating the independence republic.
The dean deputy of the faculty “Maths” Mahammadali Mammadov,the second year student Sevinj Hasanli,Leyla Huseynova and the others told they were proud of being a citizen of a free country Azerbaijan.
In the meeting it was also demonstrated a documentary film dedicated to our national leader Heydar Aliyev.The students were presented with the tickets of the New Azerbaijan Party.
Translator: Sevil Velieva

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