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Our Independence will last forever

On October 16, there took place an event connected with the Independence day in Sumgait State University. The event declared openly with the playing National Anthem of Azerbaijan Republic.
The rector of University, prof. Elkhan Huseynov speaking on the historical significance of this day reported, that the history several times provided that “to protect the Independence is much more difficult than to gain it “. The Azerbaijan nation struggled for centuries for national independence and as a result of it the first Democratic Republic in the East was created there. Our national leader Heydar Aliyev often mentioned in his speech that we are the successors of a unique heritage. “Each citizen of Azerbaijan should try to deserve it and approach with great responsibility to yesterday, today and future of this country which has great historical background civilization and high morality.
The Independence attained due to strained struggles not lasted long but only 23 months. It’s not a lasted long period of time from the historical point of view, but from the point of view of it’s importance this period of time engraved in our nation’s blood memory.
The Rector mentioned that as a result of the national movement for freedom which took place in the end of the XX century in the session of the supreme Soviet there was adopted constitutional statement on the State Independence of our Republic on October 18 in 1991. The State Independence of Azerbaijan restored again after long years. After it, Azerbaijan once more declared to the whole world it’s independence, democracy and world wideness. The whole world first recognized and then accepted our independence. With the ordinance of our national leader since 15th of October of 1994 18th of October is congratulated as State Independence Day.
National leader Heydar Aliyev never cut off his relationships with Azerbaijan. He had done all his best for the development of Azerbaijan as well as when he was represented in the management of USSR in Moscow. All these happenings disturbed Mikhail Gorbacov and reinforced insidious pressures against Azerbaijan.
With the purpose of division Azerbaijan, involving it into the ethnic conflicts soon as possible there arouse Nagorno Karabakh problem coming to the government once more, H.Aliyev didn’t give way to the enlargement of the danger and he rescued our nation from various dangerous situations with his right decisions.
Elkhan Huseynov congratulated all Azerbaijanians with this remarkable holiday. Mentioned, that today Azerbaijan as an Independence State in known all over the world with it’s determined political position.
Long live Independence Azerbaijan Republic!
Translator: Khanlarova Aynura

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