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Sumgayit State University can play an important role in the creation of Innovation Ecosystem
Chairman of the Board of Management of "Innovation Management and TiPS" Institute prof. Ali Kutvan spoke about the role of Sumgayit State University in the creation of Innovation Ecosystem.
Professor Ali Kutvan said that University-Industry-State cooperation within the trilateral cooperation model is included in a special balanced configuration for the transition to the Knowledge -based society. One of the main claims of the collaboration model is that intellectuals, business and government interact together in order to provide the most favorable conditions for innovation and institutionally promote this process. Intellectual capital can increase innovation capabilities. Scientists are an important driving force in the transfer of technology and innovation to new business ventures. The university has an essential role in the transition to a knowledge-based society. Indeed, as innovation is increasingly based on scientific knowledge and invention, the role of universities as knowledge generators is gaining value. After the Second World war, science passed into the hands of universities in the form of fundamental research, and today they have become the main   actors of  the development of science. In this process, universities and their research and educational functions have been gradually developing   as the main institutions providing knowledge and labor force for economic development.
Professor Ali Kutvan   added that the implementation of legal and administrative regulations that will facilitate the production of technology and   information in that case it is emerging as a developing area of ​​public administration.. Creating an innovation ecosystem is the subject of both national and regional strategy documents. The increasing role of information in production processes and as a result of this the occurings   in the global economy are also changing the view of technology production. Technology is now described as a socio-economic process in terms of its information content and effects. Universities play an important role as institutions that produce knowledge and cultivate human capital needed in all areas of society, especially in industry. Here the State can fulfill the function of bringing industry and university together.
Ali Kutvan emphasized that in this context, Sumgayit State University is one of the most developed large industrial centers of Azerbaijan and has a 60-year history. It has an important role in the creation and development of the innovation ecosystem. I congratulate the management, teaching staff and students of Sumgayit State University on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. I believe that Sumgayit State University will implement many successful projects based on innovation in University-Industry-State relations in its future works, and I wish successes in this field.
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