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The XXII National research conference of undergraduates started in the online format at SSU
On May 12,  the XXII  National  research conference of undergraduates  dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev was held  in  the online format at Sumgayit State University.
The conference was attended by heads of departments and  the staff of the professor-lecturer of leading universities of the country.
Professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the participants, noting that the XXII National research  conference of  undergraduates was dedicated to a significant day - the 99th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev. For more than 30 years since the 1970s, the formation and development of the economy, science, education and culture in Azerbaijan has been directly connected with the name of national leader Heydar Aliyev. In his large-scale activities, the development of education has always been an important area. The decisions made by the genius leader, who always appreciated the role of education in the development of society and the formation of personality,  his  conceptual ideas and historical recommendations put still contribute to defining the main directions of educational reforms in our country.
Then, the rector spoke  about the importance of the conference said that the National  research conference of  undergraduates  has been held at Sumgayit State University for 22 years. Emphasizing that scientific research is one of the main activities in higher education institutions, the rector spoke about the importance of active involvement of students and graduate students in scientific research, the importance of participation in scientific conferences, the university's achievements in education and science. He noted that the increase in the number of participants in the conference shows how important the conference is. Thus, if more than 1,200 undergraduates from 19 scientific and educational institutions participated in the XXI National  research conference in 2021, this year's conference included about 1,300 report materials from 22 scientific and educational institutions of the Republic. After the initial examination of the report materials, 1166 theses were included in the conference agenda and the conference materials were published in bulk.
This is  first of all, the result of the growing interest of undergraduates  in scientific conferences, on the other hand, it is an indicator of the consistent and effective work of the organizing committee of the conference.
The rector thanked the staff and scientific supervisors of the conference for their contribution to the organization of the conference and wished success to the undergraduates.
Then the floor was given to undergraduates  representing different universities. Undergraduate  of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS Fuad Ahmadov "Analysis of systems and tools for detecting cyber incidents", undergraduate of Sumgayit State University Gunay Agayeva "Sources of toponymy", undergraduate of Azerbaijan State University of Economics Narmin Mammadova on "Development of technology of products enriched with fermented what of the Karabakh region", undergraduate of Baku Slavic University Sevda Ibrahimova "Historical aspect of integrated training", undergraduate  of Sumgayit State University Jeyhun Huseynzadeh "Improvement of personnel management in enterprises" made the reports. They positively assessed the conference, which is traditionally held every year at SSU and thanked the organizing committee for organizing the conference at a high level.
Associate professor Sabir Khalilov, head of the doctoral and master's department of Sumgayit State University  said that the conference of undergraduates will continue its work in 18 sections. Sabir Khalilov informed   the most organized universities participating in the conference are  Sumgayit State University - 287, Azerbaijan State Economic University - 258, Baku Slavic University - 199, Azerbaijan State Agrarian University - 159, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University - 117, Nakhchivan State University - 32 and others. He announced the names of scientific and educational institutions and informed about the work of the department meetings.
We  should note  that the conference will continue its work in two days  in an online format.
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