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An event entitled " Say no narcomania" was held at SSU
An event on " Say no  narcomania" dedicated to the implementation of relevant awareness-raising activities among young people was held at SSU on April 1.
First, the rector of SSU, professor Elkhan Huseynov and the head of the Sumgayit city police department, colonel Fagan Azadaliyev  laid flowers at the bust of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the lobby of the university.
Chief of Sumgayit city Police office, colonel Fagan Azadaliyev  reviewed dedicated to the Great Leader photos at the Heydar Aliyev Center named after the Great Leader, reflecting all periods of national leader Heydar Aliyev"s rich life and activity, including visits to foreign countries as president of independent Azerbaijan, meetings with influential statesmen .He noted his heartfelt words in the center"s memory book.
Chief of Sumgayit City Police office, colonel Fagan Azadaliyev, chief of Sumgayit city Police Department for Juvenile Prevention, major Azer Bagirov  doctor of Sumgayit  Narcological Dispensary Vusal Jabbarov, Sumgayit Youth and Sports Department chief Elgun Humbatov , faculty and students of the university participated at the meeting.
Opening the event the rector of the university professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the guests and participants and spoke about the harm of drugs known in modern times as white death, which are harmful to human health. The rector spoke about the importance of holding such educational events at the university to prevent the danger of the rapid spread of drugs among young people. Noting that anti-drug measures are always in the center of attention in Azerbaijan, the rector spoke about the relevant state programs implemented in this direction and called on young people to stay away from these harmful habits.
Chief of Sumgayit City Police Department "Organization of preventive work with minors", Major Azer Bagirov, doctor of Sumgayit Narcological Dispensary Vusal Jabbarov, Chief of Sumgayit Youth and Sports Department Elgun Humbatov spoke about anti-drug measures, the fate of teenagers and young drug addicts.He spoke in detail about the consequences of drug addiction, ways to prevent it, the work done to keep adolescents and young people away from harmful habits, the effective organization of leisure time and the formation of a healthy lifestyle in them.
Then, a video on the subject was shown, specially prepared by the Sumgayit SPI, reflecting the horrors of the world"s scourge of drug addiction.
Police colonel Fagan Azadaliyev gave detailed information on the implementation of state programs and relevant legislative acts approved by the country"s leadership spoke about the crimes committed in Azerbaijan in connection with the shipment. He gave detailed information about the negative effects of drugs on human life and health, moral values ​​and socio-economic development, the legal framework for combating the consequences of drug addiction and other issues. He also stressed that the fight against the consequences of drug addiction  which was a great scourge for mankind,  especially relevant today and the measures taken against drugs were always in the focus of the country"s leadership.
In the end, the questions of young people were answered.
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