Qarabağ Azərbaycandır!
Materials presented on social networks and a number of websites were presented as the division of the stadium of SSU into two parts. In this regard, we would like to note that the sandy area presented as "Stadium" is intended to confuse public opinion. This unverified information, given for the sake of cheap populism, does not reflect the truth.
It is well known that the stadium is not just a sandy field with two gates for playing football. If there is no stadium, in addition to the natural or artificial green pitch for playing football, the area must be fenced with at least a metal net, spectators must be able to watch football in the stadium, and seats must be installed. It is important to have changing rooms and showers in the stadium. None of these conditions exist here and never did.
It should be noted that football competitions have never been held in this sandy area called "Stadium".
Taking into account the fact that physical education classes are not held in higher education institutions, the Sports Club, established for the development of sports and the protection of the health of students and staff, has sections for students and employees in various sports. The sports sections of the Sports Club include badminton, grand and table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, chess, checkers, fencing, etc. There are volleyball, basketball courts, tennis courts, large chessboards, special pavilions for chess and checkers competitions, a separate fencing hall in accordance with modern standards, as well as an artificial football section for the operation of football sections in the main educational building and courtyard of the university.
The purpose of the trip from the sandy area called "Stadium" was to eliminate the difficulty that arises during the movement of students between the two educational buildings. Thus, before the road was built, students used the sidewalk around the university when going from the main building to the second building. This made it difficult for them and delayed the students. Probably, the construction of the road for the convenience of students and staff is understandable and should be properly assessed.
Addressing our colleagues, we note that it would be right to be on the ground and fully investigate the issue before sharing such issues. In this regard, we invite our colleagues, which shared this information, to the university in order to clarify the above ideas.
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