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On December 17, Sumgayit State University hosted an event on "Environmental Safety, Current Situation and Problems" organized by the Faculty of Economics and Management and Chemistry and Biology.
The event was attended by Sabuhi Babayev, the head of the Department of Environment and Labor Protection of “Clean City” OJSC, Deputy Head and employees of the Sumgayit city Regional Department of Ecology and Natural Resources № 4, Musa Hasanov, deputy chairman of the Municipality of Sumgayit, Fakhreddin Agharehim Rahimov, chairman of the Local Economic Development Commission of Sumgayit Municipality, executive director of Healthy Future NGO Vusal Hatamov, Director of Sumgayit city Cleaning Department Atesh Rustamov and head of Department Anar Mustafayev, Director of Sumgayit Yout Children Center № 1 Entige Rzayeva, Department head of ecological local studies Sevinj Maharramova and teacher and student staff of the University.
The event was opened by vice-rector for Humanitarian Affairs Ramiz Huseynov, who greeted the guests and spoke about the importance of the event. He said that the rapid development of all sectors of the economy over the past century resulted in an increase in the negative impact of human activities on the environment and excessive exploitation of natural resources. Conservation of ecological balance, rational use of natural resources, protection of water, soil and atmospheric air from pollution has become a universal problem. Although each country has its own unique environmental strategy and policy, global goals are aimed at ensuring the survival of people in a healthy environment, preserving and developing community values, and improving the quality of the environment. Azerbaijan has made significant progress in the field of social and economic development in recent years, and the sustainability of these achievements has been recognized as a key priority. The vice-rector also noted: “President Ilham Aliyev stressed that addressing environmental problems in the country is a priority of state policy. Attention to environmental issues is also a manifestation of our overall policy and overall culture of our country. Ultimately, this is the most important area. Oil and gas are depleted resources. They are temporary. But nature and the environment are permanent wealth. For centuries, for thousands of years, nature has been, the universe has been, and world has been. Our task is to protect it. Let us protect ourselves, for future generations, for the survival of our country. Therefore, we attach great importance to these issues. We try to keep Azerbaijan in the forefront of environmental programs. ” As a logical consequence of this idea of the head of state, large-scale projects in this direction are being implemented.
Afterwards the guests made reports in the event: Sabuhi Babayev, the head of the Department of Environment and Labor Protection of “Clean City” OJSC- “Solid Waste Management in Baku”, Head of the Sumgayit city Regional Department of Ecology and Natural Resources № 4 Asaf Aslanov- “The role of ecology in sustainable development”, Turana Gojayeva, an employee of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources № 4- “The impact of plastic masses on the human body”. An interesting discussion was held around the reports.
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