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19 March 2021 15:34
Ilham Aliyev: The New Azerbaijan Party is not only the largest political party in Azerbaijan, but also in the South Caucasus. Both the people and the state are like human beings. Lives with memory. N... Read more
19 March 2021 12:04
After the return of national leader Heydar Aliyev to power at the insistence of the people, the gradual strengthening of the position of independent Azerbaijan in the international arena caused the je... Read more
18 March 2021 22:45
The Amnesty decree signed by the President is a manifestation of the humanist policy of our state   "Preservation of national and moral values, as well as benefiting from their synthesis w... Read more
16 March 2021 14:49
We have written a new history of our people, a glorious history of heroism, and today great construction work is being carried out in the liberated lands, major infrastructure projects are being imple... Read more
16 March 2021 11:58
"The New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), the most organized political organization in the South Caucasus, has come a long and difficult way, full of political struggles. Always open to new challenges and... Read more
13 March 2021 20:47
Those people are happy, who find a historical figure who will save them in the most difficult day of their history. In this sense, the Azerbaijani people are one of the happiest nations. Thus, the gen... Read more
13 March 2021 20:37
The VII Congress of the New Azerbaijan Party, the largest political party not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the South Caucasus, held on March 5, was met with great enthusiasm among all sections of o... Read more
11 March 2021 11:27
The VII Congress of the New Azerbaijan Party, held on March 5, is a timely socio-political event in the context of a new reality for our statehood, which has entered a new historical stage with multif... Read more
08 March 2021 10:50
First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva shared her congratulations on the official Instagram page on the occasion of March 8 - International Women"s Day. “Dear women! I sincerely congratula... Read more
04 March 2021 11:15
At a press conference for local and foreign journalists on February 26, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev touched upon very important issues for our republic and the region. The President clarified... Read more
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