Qarabağ Azərbaycandır!
                                                                Heydar Aliyev
June 15 - National Salvation Day, which has a great social, political and historical burden and is called the liberation date of the Azerbaijani people.
In 1991-1993, when the independence of Azerbaijan, which was achieved through a difficult, tough and great struggle, was in danger, the constant occupation factor of the Armenian armed forces, the chaos covering the country, and the arbitrariness dragged the state into the abyss. The country was on the verge of seperation by the hands of them who were unable to assess events correctly, prioritize their personal interests over the interests of the people and the powers that put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the people. At such a time, the people turned to their savior, who could be an example to the whole world with his intelligence, decisive, correct decisions, leadership qualities, fluent, persuasive speech and many positive qualities. The people were sure that Heydar Aliyev was the only person who could get them out of this miserable situation. Heydar Aliyev, who returned to Baku on June 9, 1993, was elected the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan on June 15, and entered the path of liberation, fulfilling all the hopes of the people and becoming its savior. As he mentioned, he never attached great politics to small feelings and small profits and as a result of it he saved Azerbaijan from chaos and occupation as a result of his policy directed to national interests, the interests of the state and the nation.
Guided by the motto "The fate of the people, the homeland should become the fate of every person", the Great Leader restored our national existence, worked hard for the improvement of social welfare, reconstruction of the society, and sacrificed his life for his nation. As a result of the wise and powerful policy, which became an integral part of world diplomacy, Azerbaijan developed in the fields of science, education, economy, culture, healthcare, as well as in all spheres of social life. The liberation of Azerbaijan was not only the liberation of the nation, but also the liberation of the path to the new development dynamics of the Turkic world as a whole.
"We will never move away from our faith and religion and we will build our future using these spiritual resources!" The Great Leader,  in the true sense of the word always prioritized the national and moral values derived from the religion and belief system, and made decisions that did not harm the psychology and way of life of the people, but on the contrary, aimed at the formation of the national character in the young generation with these values.
The first Constitution of independent Azerbaijan, adopted by referendum on November 12, 1995, was prepared in accordance with world standards under the leadership of the Great Leader. The adoption of this Constitution created conditions for a free society, sovereignty, and civil state in the country. The approval of the Azerbaijani language as the state language in the constitution, determination of its legal status, tasks undertaken by the government in the field of development, development and protection of the language, clauses related to the observance of language norms were the greatest contribution to the Azerbaijani language and linguistics.
As the National Leader,  the decree dated May 23, 2001, on November 9 of that year, he laid the foundation for the unity of the Turkic world as a whole by holding the First Congress of World Azerbaijanis for the first time. In his speech as the chairman of the Council, his message to the Azerbaijanis living all over the world shows his loyalty and devotion to his native land and motherland: "You are not required to do much. Simply, you should not forget that there is an independent state of Azerbaijan in the world. You should not forget that this land is the native land of all Azerbaijanis, the state of Azerbaijan will do everything  to protect the rights of each of you, and you should know that we are constantly thinking and interested about Azerbaijanis living in different countries of the world, we want each of our compatriots to live well and we want them to occupy a worthy place in the country where they live. Our Azerbaijani compatriots, should always convey to other peoples, nationalities, citizens of the country where they live today, what was the past of Azerbaijan, what is the present day of Azerbaijan, what is the future of Azerbaijan?!"
According to the Decree of President Ilham Aliyev, Congresses of World Azerbaijanis were held in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2022. As a continuation of this established union, congresses and forums of friendship, brotherhood, cooperation held by Turkic-speaking states and communities with the same lineage, root, origin, culture, high spiritual, moral quality, and national character strengthened the unbreakable ties between Turkic-speaking states and united them for a purpose. As a result of his goal-oriented, far-sighted policy, today Azerbaijan is the center of cooperation of Turkic-speaking countries and the gateway to the unity of the Turkic world.
Today, Heydar Aliyev"s soul is happy that his worthy follower, Ilham Aliyev, continues his political, scientific and ideological legacy. As a result of its successful diplomatic activity, Azerbaijan ensured the territorial integrity which accepted at the international level in accordance with the norms and principles of international law thanks to its heroic sons. At present, Azerbaijan is confidently moving forward with the right strategy and tactics  for the future.
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