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Scholar of SSU was elected Full Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Every education center is recognized with its intelligent scholars, talented students and graduates. Ramazan Mammadov, the linguist, scientist who has significant services in development of Sumgayit State University, as well as vice – rector on Science and Innovations was elected full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (International Association of scholars, teachers and specialists) recently.
His work has been always highly appreciated. Mr. Ramazan was awarded with honor certificates and honorary diplomas both in the republic and abroad: in 1965 Jubilee medal “20 let Pobedi v Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyne”, in 1984 “Eftexor” badge of Afghanistan Republic, in 2012 “Advanced education employee of Azerbaijan Republic” badge. Professor Ramazan Mammadov, who devoted his life to the improvement of Sumgayit State University and cadre potential of the country, as well as to teaching young generation, was elected associate member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in 2016. 
From October 1to 5 2017, scientific events of Academy of Natural Sciences were held in Sochi city of Russian Federation. More than 150 scholars of 120 cities of Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and other countries participated at those events. Professor Ramazan Mammadov gave speech in International scientific conference on “Improvement perspectives of higher educational institutions science”. On October 4, he was elected the full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences unanimously in autumn session of Academy.
It should be noted that, Professor Ramazan Mammadov explores Azerbaijani and Russian languages comparably. He defended candidate's dissertation in 1978 and doctorate dissertation in 2009. More than 150 scientific, methodic and publicist works in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages, as well as 8 monographs and a textbook of scholar were published. He is not only interested in philology; he is enamored with Sumgayit city in which he has been living since 1962. Professor Ramazan dedicated his 27 years of his life to sociological investigation of mass disorder committed by Armenians and pro-armenian nationalist-separatist forces in February 1988, in Sumgayit and the problem of linkage between these events and Azerbaijan - Armenia Nagorno - Karabakh conflict. He is an author of several articles, conference materials and 7 monographs which were published in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Spanish languages and were devoted to this problem. 
The personnel of Sumgayit State University congratulate Professor Ramazan Mammadov on the occasion of the award of the scientific title and wishe him continuous success in his future works. These titles are the result of sleepless nights and laborious years of professor. We do hope that, our students will continue his scientific path and represent our university in international arena decorously. 

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