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The schoolchildren of Sumgait secondary schools tested their knowledge of Azerbaijani history

Being Olympic winner is a desire of every pupil. For the purpose of achieving this wish, one ought to work hard and improve the knowledge. In that case the good impression of gained victory will remain forever in the memory and it will encourage for further victories. On April 29, subject Olympiad on Azerbaijan history was held among schools by the joint organization of Sumgait Education department and Sumgait State University.
The dean of the faculty of History and geography, professor Adil Baxsaliyev, emphasizing the importance of Olympiad notified that, organization of Olympiads on different subjects among schoolchildren in our university improves pupils’ interest to education, as well as gives an opportunity to the expansion of relations between secondary schools and the university. He informed that, the subject of Azerbaijan history is taught in a high level, along with other subjects by the teaching staff in our university. Deputy Dean Osman Hajiyev, professor of the department of History and its teaching methods, Shirxan Salimov, assist. Prof of the department of Azerbaijan and Eastern European nations’ history, Amirxan Isayev has a great favor on realization of present Olympiad successfully.
Wishing success to students, dean, Adil Baxshaliyev notified that, the founder of Independent Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Heydar Aliyev recommended to youth: “Youth of Azerbaijan ought to know its history well. Becauseevery page of our history is valuable for us. The nation must always remember its roots.”
It must be noted that, nearly 270 pupils among 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th classes of 47 secondary schools in Sumgait participated in the subject Olympiad held among schoolchildren. The exam consisted of 50 questions, 90 minutes and it was held in the form of test.
In the end, the pupils expressed their thanks to university administration for the highly organized Olympiad.The winners were rewarded with honorary diplomas and precious gifts by the university administration.

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