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Intellectual youth is the treasure of the state and nation

The conducted knowledge contests will strengthen the scientific innovation sense of the students and will direct them to the successes
In this respect a contest of Economic knowledge dedicated to the 55th anniversary of Sumgait State University has been held in Dec 14 by mutual efforts of faculty on Economics and Management of SSU and Sumgait State Technical College. 
Afterwards of the National Anthem of Azerbaijan Rebublic the rector, Professor Elkhan Huseynov, making a speech he welcomed the guests and notified that “the State of Azerbaijan is always care about the development of youth generation and pay a special attention on the settlement of the their problems, in the mean time takes into account their wishes and opinions. The president Mr. Ilham Aliyev is always notifying the matter related to the youth in his speeches. He often meets with youth and interests in their social life and their participation in the public events by giving the recommendations.  I believe that the conduction of such kind of contests will promote to the high level growth of the youth and will direct the students towards the achievements to motivate their scientific will and the future successes.  By the end of the speech the rector wished many successes to the students and noted that it is necessary to run such kind of contests in the regular basis. 
Hereinafter, the contest got started. Six teams took part in this contest. It should be noted that 45 questions were the subject of the contest and the students have been given about 30 seconds to meet of each question.  The questions especially covered Economic and Logic fields. The contest took place in three stages and each stage has included 15 questions. An interesting contest participated by six teams of 30 students ended in the following order: “Zirva” has won the gold medal, the silver owned by “Oliqarxlar” and the bronze was shared between the teams “Kapital” and “Kokalti”. 
In Mrs. Aynura Yahyayeva congratulated the winners by her speech and noted that it is great of importance to run such kind of contests in order to improve the skills and ability of the youth as well as to reveal their potentiality. She noticed that the intellectual youth of Azerbaijan is a treasure of the nation and state. The regular participation of the youth in such contests will bring about a successful future of them. No doubt, the smart and clever youth will serve to the nation and state honestly and will represent the high school that they graduated from in a high level. 
In the end the teams awarded with the gifts and hereinafter, it has been taken a memorial picture.
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