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Sumagait held a Memorial Day of the Great National Leader

A memorial Day of Haydar Aliyev, the Great National Leader has been held in Sumgait as well.  
The head of Executive Power of Sumgait Mr. Zakir Farajov, parliamentarians, public figures, security bodies, the rector of the University and academic staff, veterans visited the statue of Haydar Aliyev in the park named by his name, and by putting the flowers at his statue they expressed their deep esteem to his memory. Hereinafter, the National Anthem was played and everybody stood for one minute silence in dear memory of the Great Leader.
In the last 35 years of Azerbaijan’s history there is no such a field of our social-political, economical, scientific and cultural life that developed without the creative ideas of the Great Leader of the nation. The development of the fields of industry, science, education and the social life namely related to the Haydar Aliyev’s attempts. Sumgait became one of the leading industrial centers of the country by passing through the fast development in the period of the Great Leader’s leadership. During this period were established the enterprises of metallurgy, chemistry, energetic and construction materials. Meanwhile, the residential blocks and micro districts had been constructed as well. During the all period of the leadership the Great Leader, Haydar Aliyev has visited many times Sumgait, the city of the youth and industry and took part in the opening of the different industrial enterprises. Nowadays, Sumagait continues to develop successfully under the leadership of the president Mr. Ilham Aliyev and is becoming an industrial center of the whole region.
By the end of the event was given the funeral repast in accordance with the Memorial Day.
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