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Recently our university hosted the scientific conference dedicated to “The lecturer and students’ relationships, namely to pedagogical and psychological aspects”

The conference took place on Oct 27 on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the Day of Restoration of Independence of Azerbaijan Republic dedicated to “Lecturer and students relations: pedagogical and psychological aspects” by the mutual efforts of Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and Sumgait State University. The leading scholars of the different high schools of our Republic took part in this conference.
Making an opening speech the rector of the university, professorElhanHuseyinov has greeted the participants and notified that our country is gaining many successes under the leadership of IlhamAliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Our country is passing through the rapid development and modernization. The development either in economical, scientific or education fields increases the reputation of the country. The reforms on subject and quality of educational system of our Republic and innovations in the different stages of education put ahead an important task on qualification of higher education. The adoption of the following laws and conclusion of several state documents stimulated the conducted reforms in the higher educational system which is “Law of Education“ 2009, “State standard and program on higher education degree” 2010 and The State Strategy to the development of education of Azerbaijan Republic, 2013. The strategy is setting up the goal to create educational subject supporting the personality, the aspect and capital of human.  The document put forward the clause on pedagogical relationships between teaching staff and educators as one of the key aspects in formation of personality and future citizen. Taking that position and considering an actuality of the problem, the lasting shortage in the relationships between lecturers and students, the negative influence on educational process and elimination of those problems we found expedient to arrange the conference in this field. Lecturer and student relationships are one of the fields in pedagogy and psychology that need large investigation. Meanwhile, the rector specified that the pedagogical efficiency much more depends on lecturer and students’ relationships which are formed on the basis of democratic and humanistic principles. The experience is telling that the teacher and student relationships formed by a democratic style have got much more educational influence. The lecturer has to perceive the student as a person, professional one and trust him. In the mean time, being the positive example the teacher should be respectful and exigent of approach. 
The rector expressed his deep gratitude to MikailJabbarov, the Minister of Education which carries a significant role in the development of our education, for high leveled arrangements of the conference on behalf of university personnel and wished the best to the conference.  Sharing in the conference the speakers emphasized that the teachers of the universities regardless of their degree and positions have to prefer to attitude to be friendly with the students and to keep the way of being ideal in their behavior and approach. The professor of Qafqaz University (the doctor of pedagogical sciences and honored teacher) AjdarAgayev spoke about “Lecturer and students’ relationships: the new approaches”, the head of department of General Psychology of ASPU, (the doctor of psychological sciences)  the professor RamizAliyev had speech on “Lecturer and students’ relationships and their psychological features in the process of globalization” and meanwhile, the head of Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of SSU, (doctor of the pedagogical philosophy) a docent TariyelMammadov reported on “Lecturer and students’ relationship in creative of classic thinkers of Azerbaijan”.  Generally, the professional teacher should be able to attract the students in training activity and to find the ways of encourage for the learning by endearing them to educated subject. It should not be forgotten that the high schools are not only the educational enterprises to deliver appropriate information to the students but also the higher educational centers providing them for the ways in order to achieve the knowledge independently. Teaching the key educational materials the lecturer should be a guide for the students in the way to reveal objective laws, to run important and deep generalizations, to make conclusions and to be a professional researcher.
The speeches brought about an interesting exchange of minds and the conference went ahead on sections. It should be noted that 185 articles of more than 20 high schools had been submitted to the conference and those articles being published as a collection unit of the conference’s materials distributed to the attendees.

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