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Registration of students continues in the university

Admission process of State Student Admission Commission of the 2016/2017 academic year  for the higher education institutions has been completed and  placement for higher education institutions have been announced. Registration of students in all high schools is expected  from August 15 to 25. We should note that s in Sumgait State University -one of the  leading higher education institution of the countryregistration process ofthe first-year students is going on. Document Admission Commission (DAC) has been established in the University. The list of documents required for registration posted on the website of SSU in advance. Also, the  deans of 7 faculty of the university as well as deputy deans and staff are actively involved in the registration of students. Therefore, students and their parents are grateful to the leadership for the excellent organization of the registration. For further information we should note that, at present all three corpuses of the university  is being renovated and  constructed. This in its turn provides  improvement  of the quality of education.
SSU management and staff congratulate students by  winning student's name and their parents. Happy student's name!
Translator: Gambarova Khayala

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