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Founder of Aghgoyunlu State

On april 9 with initiative of Student Youth Organization the round table was held. It was about the founder of Aghgoyunlu (Ağqoyunlu) State, commander statesman Uzun Hasan. 
The teacher of the faculty of History and Geography Samir Kerimli said that Uzun Hasan had exceptional contribution to Azerbaijan history. He noted that Aghgoyunlu (Ağqoyunlu) state occupies an important place in political history of Azerbaijan.
Being from Oghuz tribes Aghgoyunlus (Ağqoyunlular) are rooted in the hero of ”Kitabi – Dede Gorgud” Bayandur Khan. 
The Aghgoyunlu state settled over  a large area in the Middle Ages. Samir Kerimli mentioned that the XV century was one the rich and complex period with the political events in our people’s history.
During this period commanders as Uzun Hasan, Gara Yusif played a major role in foundation and consolidation of the Garagoyunlu states in Azerbaijan. 
During this period the first diplomat woman Sara Khatun brought her son Uzun Hasan to power.
The XV century is the period of development of mutual-political, economical and cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Western Europe, as Near East states. The state hood culture of Azerbaijan was developed. He aimed to create strong centralized state. He has prepared a special code of Laws (Qanunnamə) for this purpose. During his reign. The Holy Quran (Qurani Kərim) had been translated into Azerbaijani.
The first course students Huseyn Kerimov, Kenan Gubadov, Aida Asadova, Ali Mirzayev, the tgird course student Ibrahim Zeynalli spoke about significant contributions of Uzun Hasan to Azerbaijan History.
Translator: Mammadova Arzu

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