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Sumgait State University is the only higher education institution in our city

Zakir Faradjov: Our national leader always appreciated teachers’ labour highly.
On 15th of January  Head of the Executive Power of Sumgait Mr. Z.Faradjov visited Sumgait State University. Rector, professor Elkhan Husseynov greeted him and said that the president of our country Mr. Ilham Aliyev highly estimated his personal and working  capabilities by appointing him to this post. From the very first day of his appointment Mr.Faradjov got acquainted with the districts, micro-districts, settlements, education , health and culture enterprises as well as the position of the city structure of Sumgait, met with the representatives of city  public ,elder people , active youths, employees of education , health and culture sectors and did some work according  to the eliminating of  problems. Today the teaching staff of Sumgait State University are very pleased with the orders given by the president of our country Mr. Ilham Aliyev according to  the socio-economic development of our city and his care to Sumgait. We hope that soon Sumgait will be one of the industrial centres of Azerbaijan because of reconstructions taken in the city.
Rector Elkhan Husseynov gave information about the date of existence of the University, its activity directions , its  international programs and projects. He  informed that speciality training has been holding in 7 faculties, 41 specialities on Bachelor degree, 52 specialities on Master degree .Three  specialities of our University were awarded with the certificate of Europe Accreditation agency.  By integration  Azerbaijan education to the Europe it guaranties broadening  the international relations of higher education establishments,  teacher- student mobile and  recognition of the dual diplomas in the Europe. Professor Elkhan Husseynov  thanked Mr. Zakir Faradjov for his coming to the University.
Head of Executive Power of Sumgait Mr. Zakir Faradjov greeted the teaching staff of the University and stated that the political course  established by the great leader H. Aliyev and continued by the president I. Aliyev in realizing state programs  about the socio-economical development of regions  opened  a new stage in the life of Sumgait. Mr. Z. Faradjov said: I’ll try to do my best in solving any problems of residents of Sumgait. Our national leader H. Aliyev highly estimated the labor of teacher and said: “ I don’t know any other name that will be higher than teacher.” And I , as the Head of Executive Power of Sumgait from the very first day of my appointment to this city make appointments at the educational enterprises. Because teaching is the main priority in formation of the nation. Sumgait State University is the only higher education institution in our city. I visited its auditoriums, scientific library, H. Aliyev centre. I’m pleased with the reconstructions have been taken here, the new appearance of the building, the teaching staff and students. 
At the end of his speech Mr. Z. Faradjov made dialogue between teaching staff and students, listened to their thoughts and suggestions then thanked the rector professor E. Husseynov for organizing such a meeting and wished success in future.
Translator: Sevda Safarova

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