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The memory of the martyrs of the 20th January was commemorated in SSU

On January 19, the 26th anniversary devoted to "the events of Bloody January" was held in Sumgait State University.
First, professor-teacher, student staff put flowers on the monument of the martyrs-who gave their life during the bloody January day,  in the courtyard of the university.
Rector, professor Elkhan Huseynov noted that this tragedy was etched forever in the memory of our people. Our people passed out unarmed, naked selves against  the army of the former Soviet empire and became themartyrs-the  heroes of modern history. National independence, territorial integrity, who struggled for the massacre of civilians, the murder of hundreds of innocent people on the eve of the collapse of the totalitarian Soviet regime once again demonstrated to the world the essence of his offending. Despite of 140 civilians of our Republic  were killed  by Soviet troops, these events could not break the people"s will to fight, but people continued to struggle with even greater force in 1991. As a result of this process the country"s independence was restored. Starting in the late 1980s, the National Awakening movement entered a new phase with the events of 20th January, the first political assessment of the tragedy was given by national leader Heydar Aliyev on January 21, 1990, in   the press conference of the  Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan SSR in Moscow.  After the 1993 tragedy and bring the perpetrators to investigate the causes of the tragedy and the entire world community towards the perpetuation of important work was done. Heydar Aliyev all the time had attention and care of disabled citizens and families of those killed during the 20th  January tragedy. The Rector noticed that  people who died for freedom and independence of our country and those who have lost health, are in the center of attention all the time by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the increasing of pensions and benefits  are one of the indicators of this attention.
The dean of the Faculty of History and Geography, Professor Adil Bakhshaliyev had a speech on the theme "blood memory of history on January 20,". Also the head of the department of history, associate professor Isayev Amirkhanhad a speech  on the theme "wishes to strengthen our nation"s role in the events of Bloody January".
Speaking on behalf of the families of martyrs Hamza Adıyev’s sister Seadet  Adıyeva  told about care and attention of President Ilham Aliyev to them. And  expressed his gratitude to the government and noted that  President Ilham Aliyev, always provides care for people who has disabilities, provides the financial assistance of martyrs’ families- the martyrs who gave their life for the independence of our Republic.  
Students of the Faculty of Philology Gunay Allahguliyev and  Konul Ibrahimova performed patriotic poems  which were dedicated to the “Bloody January events”.
Later, the rector of SSU  Elkhan Huseynov with the families of martyrs. They were told  that the university has always honored memory of martyrs. They are our source of pride.
Translator: Afag Eminli

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