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SSU students held an action on International Bird Day

 The avifauna of Azerbaijan is very rich. So, about 400 species of birds have been registered in the area. The species recorded in Azerbaijan belong to 18 groups and 61 families. 40% of them are sedentary species and are observed all year round. Also, Azerbaijan ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of wintering birds. However, a number of environmental problems did not affect the decrease in the number of birds. Thus, the reduction of bird habitats, deforestation, drying up of water bodies, expansion of crops, illegal hunting of birds, environmental pollution and other anthropogenic effects accelerate this process. One of the most effective means of preventing all these negative effects is to make birdhouses and hang them from trees, thereby creating opportunities for their number to grow by giving birth to young in favorable conditions. For this purpose, students started an interesting action within the framework of the ‘Year of Solidarity for the Green World’. April 1 - on the International Bird Day, the students of the 358th group of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, under the guidance of Aysel Aghayeva, the head teacher of the Department of Biology and its Teaching Methodology, made bird nests and hung them from the trees in the yard of the university. The main goal of this action is to protect birds, which are a source of aesthetic pleasure, to increase the number of bird species that play an important role in the fight against harmful insects, and to instill in students feelings of love and care for the environment. Birds are the wealth of Azerbaijan, it is necessary to use all possible opportunities to protect and increase them.



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