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The first meeting of the Rectorate of Sumgayit State University was held
On September 8, the first meeting of the rectorate was held at Sumgayit State University regarding the start of the 2023/2024 academic year. Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov welcomed the meeting participants and congratulated the faculty on the occasion of the start of the new academic year and informed the participants of the issues on the agenda.
Speaking about the state of preparation for the fall semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, Vice-Rector for Economic Affairs Naib Hajiyev said that the renovation-construction works are continuing at SSU, he spoke about the work done at the university and the important issues ahead. He noted that current repair works were carried out in the educational auditoriums, an artificial green cover was laid on the mini-football field that meets modern requirements in the territory of the university. In the future, it is planned to cover the III educational building, to install turnstiles in all three educational buildings of SSU. In order to ensure the parallelism of theory and practice in the teaching process, new equipment was purchased for the laboratories of the faculties of Engineering, Chemistry and Biology, Physics and Electric Power. The rector gave his instructions to the heads of the relevant structures regarding the further acceleration of the works in this direction and the elimination of existing problems in a short period of time.
Then Faig Shirinov, head of the Teaching Methodological Center, associate professor Sabir Khalilov, head of the doctoral and master"s department, associate professor Matanat Pirguliyeva, director of the Sumgayit State Technical College under SSU, made a speech and noted that the distribution of the teaching load in all faculties, the preparation of lesson schedules, the completion of the distribution of the teaching load in all faculties, the preparation of classrooms, laboratories and classrooms preparations have been completed. Then the rector once again instructed the deans of the faculty to carefully check all the auditoriums and to eliminate the noticeable deficiencies in a short time.
Vice-Rector for Social Affairs and Public Relations of the University, Associate Professor Elmar Khalilov, reported on the state of the work done in preparation for the "Knowledge Day" on September 15 and stated that preparations are being made for the "Knowledge Day" and students who have been admitted to the university with high scores will receive student card and gifts solemnly, at the same time, congratulations from students" parents, newly hired graduates and other university employees will be presented at the event.
Professor Ramazan Mammadov, vice-rector for science and innovation, gave detailed information about the organization of the implementation of the recommendations presented to eliminate the shortcomings indicated in the Final report of the Accreditation Commission on the accreditation assessment of Sumgayit State University (2023). It was noted that "Accreditation of Sumgayit State University elimination of the shortcomings indicated in the Final report of the Accreditation Commission on the evaluation and the recommendations presented at a commission was established by order of the university rector No. R-38/1, dated August 25, 2023.
Then the information of professor Ramazan Mammadov was widely discussed. It was decided that in order to ensure that the Education Quality Assurance Agency of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan is informed about the actions to eliminate the shortcomings indicated in the Final report of the Accreditation Commission on the accreditation assessment of Sumgayit State University and the results: Comprehensive analysis of the final report presented by the Accreditation Commission, in order to ensure the elimination of deficiencies, the timely implementation of necessary recommendations, and the preparation of a reasoned response to some recommendations, all structural leaders of the university - faculty deans, deputy deans, heads of departments, all members of the teaching staff, in short, each member of the team must carefully read the final report of the Accreditation Commission, everyone must express their opinions on the critical considerations related to their field, eliminate deficiencies and implement recommendations, prepare objective and complete information to be sent to EQAA and submit their proposals and notes to the scientific office of the university by October 8 to present the secretary to professor Mukhtar Samadov.
Then, the head of the scientific department, associate professor Samir Orucov, gave a detailed report about the results of the experience that the students of SSU had experienced at the Petkim and Star factories in Turkey. He said that according to the Memorandum of Agreement signed between Sumgayit State University and "SOCAR Downstream Management" LLC in April of this year, 4 students of SSU went to "Summer Internship Program" from July 12 to August 5. At the end of the experience, the students made a report presentation in front of the organized staff and each was provided with a certificate.
The students who had a production experience at the Petkim and Star factories in Turkey for a month said that the experience they had in the production fields corresponding to their specialization would remain in their memory forever. Expressing their gratitude to the management of Sumgayit State University, Professor Elkhan Huseynov and the management of SOCAR for giving them the opportunity to practice in the brotherly country, the students emphasized that they shared their impressions during the internship with their fellow students. They stated that the activity of SSU, which expands the possibilities of cooperation year by year, is a serious factor in the training of highly qualified personnel.
The rector recommended that the internship students should give a motivational speech in front of the university students and that the mentors in Turkey should be invited to the event if necessary.
Docent Samir Orujov also emphasized that university employees were sent to Izmir to accompany the students during their visit to Turkey. During the visit, our scientists participated in the trainings organized by "SOCAR Downstream Management" LLC, they managed to get the "Educational Passport" in the test evaluation, and at the same time they visited several science, research and innovation institutions located in Izmir. SSU representatives participated in the meetings with Maksud Mammadov, general deputy director of the company and its representatives at "Research, Development and Innovation" LLC. In During the meeting with director of Technopark Izmir LLC, prof.Metin Tanoglu, discussions were held on the development of the Innovation and Creativity Center at the level of modern technoparks, established by the decision of the Scientific Council of SSU, and possible directions of cooperation between SSU and "Technopark Izmir" LLC in this field.
The continuation of work in this direction and the possibility of increasing the number of SSU students who have internships in the mentioned plants in the future were discussed with the management of "SOCAR Downstream" and all this work was assigned to the vice-rector for General affairs Asad Mammadov and the head of the Quality Assurance Department Narmin Hasanova.
Also, the results of the meetings held by associate professor Samir Orujov and senior lecturer Rasim Rasulov at "SOCAR Turkey R&D and Innovation Co.", "İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü Tümleşik Araştırma Merkezleri" and "TECHNOPARKİZMIR" were taken into consideration. The continuation of work in this direction and the determination of directions of cooperation with the mentioned enterprises in the future were entrusted to professor Ramazan Mammadov, vice-rector for Science and innovations, and associate professor Samir Orujov, head of the Scientific department.
Rector professor Elkhan Huseynov once again congratulated the collective on the occasion of "Knowledge Day" and the beginning of the new school year.After the discussions, appropriate decisions were made and the rectorate"s meeting ended.




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