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On March 3, the next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at Sumgayit State University.
Rector of the university, chairman of the Scientific Council professor Elkhan Huseynov opened the meeting with an introductory speech, after greeting the members of the council, professors and teachers, he congratulated a group of employees of the university who received scientific degrees and scientific titles on behalf of the members of the Scientific Council and wished them new success in their scientific and pedagogical activities.
Then the rector informed about the issues on the agenda and the agenda of the meeting was approved.
Professor Ramazan Mammadov - vice-rector for Science and innovations, chairman of the Organizing Commission for conducting self-analysis on Institutional accreditation of SSU  gave information about the work done on the self-analysis report on Institutional accreditation of SSU, directions and  sections of the report, tables and other documents attached to the report. He stated that the accreditation of higher education institutions is carried out on the basis of the "Criteria for Institutional and Program Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions" approved by the decision No. KQ-05 dated September 30, 2022 of the Board of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In accordance with the "Rules for Accreditation of Educational Institutions" approved in a new edition by the decision of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 493 dated December 14, 2022, the Self-Analysis report of SSU and the documents attached to it were prepared. All faculties, departments and other structural units have interacted and functioned effectively in the preparation of the self-analysis report and the documents to be attached to it. Vice-rector Ramazan Mammadov also noted that the accreditation of SSU will begin on April 17, 2023 by the Accreditation Commission established  by Quality Assurance Agency in Education.
Then, the Self-Analysis report prepared for the purpose of institutional accreditation of Sumgayit State University was approved and the submission of it to the Quality Assurance Agency in Education  was assigned to the chairman of the Organization Commission professor Ramazan Mammadov  on March 10, 2023.
Narmin Hasanova - head of the department of Quality Assurance in Education of SS  informed about the analysis and results of the survey conducted by the department of Quality Assurance in Education regarding professional development among the academic staff. She noted that according to the results of the surveys conducted regularly by the department of Quality Assurance in Education among students, collegues and academic staff regarding professional development that the level of satisfaction is quite high.
Narmin Hasanova's report was widely discussed by the members of the Scientific Council, and it was considered appropriate to view the wishes and proposals put forward by members of the academic staff in the poll.
In order to further improve the professional development of the academic staff, the organization of seminars and trainings in relevant specialties was entrusted to the head of the department of Quality Assurance in Education Narmin Hasanova.
Associate professor Amirkhan Isayev- head of the Career and graduate employment  center  informed about the measures taken in the direction of providing employment to the graduates of SSU and the upcoming tasks. He said that the website of the Career and  graduate employment  center  has been activated, the website contains the address of the center, career counseling hours, available vacancies in cooperating companies and other information.
After the discussions, further expansion of the activities of the Career and graduate employment center , the relations with enterprises operating in Sumgayit city and surrounding regions, as well as other cities and regions and relevant institutions of our republic  and organization of meetings with SSU graduates at the university was assigned to the head of that center associate professor Amirkhan Isayev. .
Academic secretary professor Mukhtar Samadov stated that IV year student of History and geography faculty with disability of second group  E.I. Mansimov applied for exemption from payment for living in the student house. It was noted that the student was also exempted from the tuition fee.
A decision was made by the Scientific Council to exempt E.I. Mansimov, a fourth-year student of the faculty of History and geography with a disability of the second group, from paying for living in the student house.
Then current issues were discussed. Scientific secretary professor Mukhtar  Samadov  made a speech regarding the granting of publishing rights (grif) to study materials. He  said that the Scientific Council received 15study  materials, of which 3 are textbooks, 10 are subject programs, and 2 are practical programs. After discussing the presented educational materials, appropriate decisions were made and the next meeting of the Scientific Council concluded its work.
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