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The next meeting of the Scientific Council was held
On February 9, the next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at Sumgayit State University.
Rector professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the members of the Scientific Council professors, teachers  and expressed his sadness over the numerous victims and destruction caused by the earthquake that occurred in the Republic of Turkey on February 6. On behalf of the staff of SSU, the rector expressed his condolences to the people of Turkey regarding those who died during the earthquake, and wished the injured a recovery.
He said that the people of Azerbaijan stood by brother Turkey from the first minutes and showed their support and solidarity in connection with the terrible earthquake that happened in Turkey. According to the order of president Ilham Aliyev  immediate aid was sent to the earthquake region of brother Turkey in order to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster. For  supporting  the victims of the earthquake, according to the instructions of the First vice president of Azerbaijan, president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva  the Foundation is sending humanitarian aid to the brotherly country. At the same time, our citizens have launched a campaign of assistance. In this direction, taking into account the numerous appeals of the employees of Sumgayit State University, it was proposed to establish a headquarters in the university for the purpose of voluntary assistance to the victims of the earthquake, and it was decided to take appropriate measures in this regard.
Then Faig Shirinov - the director of the Teaching methodological center at the bachelor"s  level, associate professor Sabir Khalilov- the head of the department of Doctoral and master"s studies at the master"s level, and the director of the SSTC under  the SSU associate professor Matanat Pirguliyeva   informed about the results of the examination session of the autumn semester of the 2022/2023 academic year and preparation for the spring. They stated that during the examination session at SSU, the regular monitoring of the exams by the faculty management, Doctorate and master"s department and representatives from the university management ensured that the exam session was held at a high level. In this regard during the xamination session at the bachelorʾs and master"s level the  activities of the Teaching metodogical center , dean"s offices, the Appeals Commission and the Examination Staff were considered commendable.
Associate professor Samir Orujov - head of the Scientific department  gave detailed information about the organization of the Innovation and Creativity Center. The Regulation of the Innovation and Creativity Center of SSU was approved.
In the scientific part, the vice rector for Economic affairs Naib Hajiyev  was entrusted with the allocation of rooms for the Innovation and Creativity Center and providing them with the necessary tools.
The staff table of the initial staff of the Innovation and Creativity Center was approved with 2 full-time units (the head of  ICC-1 full-time unit; the operator-1 full-time unit).
Then, in accordance with the order of the rector of SSU No. R-29/1 dated 27.05.2022 to the head of the Innovation and Creativity Center, conducting trainings for the members of the Mentor group created in the ICC for the purpose of carring out  work with the authors of Startup projects, work with the authors of Startup projects Organization of trainings for the members of the expert group created in in the Startup, Hackathon competitions and exhibitions organized by the Intellectual Property Agency and other institutions, students and teachers of SSU, as well as SUP.VS under INNOLAND, which specializes in helping startups get investment, mentoring, customer support and product development was assigned to organize the participation of students and teachers of SSU as listeners in the Mentor training, Incubation Management and Startap training programs .It was considered appropriate for the employees of SSTC to become members of the Mentor and Expert groups created in ICC under SSU.
At the meeting, the head of the department of Automation and management professor Javanshir Mammadov  was assigned the position of the head of the Innovation and Creativity Center temporarily (until an employee is accepted for this position).
Elmar Khalilov- associate rector for Social affairs  and public relations spoke about the discussion of the plan of events to be held in connection with "March 31 - Genocide Day of Azerbaijanis" was assigned to the vice-rector for Social affairs and public  relations associate professor Elmar Khalilov.
During the discussion of various issues, scientific secretary  professor Mukhtar Samadov gave information. After the discussions, the dissertation topic and scientific supervisor of Aynur Ahmadova  Nofal gizi - PhD student of the department of Mathematical analysis and theory of functions was approved.
The Regulation of the SSU Quality Assurance Commission was approved at the meeting.
Faig Shirinov- director of the Teaching Methodological Center  spoke about the organization of an additional labor-vocational specialty in the faculties of SSU, where specialist training is conducted for engineering specialties. He noted that in many leading universities of foreign countries, there is a tradition of providing additional vocational education to students studying at the bachelor"s level and giving them a certificate for acquiring relevant skills. The material and technical base and personnel potential of the SSU make it possible to conduct teaching and training in the vocational specialty with students studying at the bachelor"s level.
At the meeting, it was considered appropriate to organize an additional vocational qualification at the bachelor"s level of engineering majors at SSU, and to issue a certificate of mastery of relevant professional competences to the graduates of that major along with a bachelor"s diploma. In addition to the bachelor"s degree, it is appropriate to apply to the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan to allow the graduates who have completed the bachelor"s degree in engineering at the SSU to issue a certificate stating that they have acquired professional skills, and to add this provision to paragraph 1.25 of the Statute of the SSU, and to approve this addition.
Academic secretary professor Mukhtar Samadov informed about the granting of publishing rights to educational materials and stated that 20 subject programs were submitted to the Scientific Council. After the discussions, publication of educational materials was allowed.
Then, regarding the awarding of academic titles, the issue of petitioning to the HAC to grant the academic title of associate professor(without certificate) to Sona Maharramova - head of the department of History and its teaching methodology of SSU  was discussed.
After the discussions, based on the results of the secret voting, it was decided to file a petition to the HAC to give Sona Maharramova the title of associate professor.
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