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An event was held at SSU on the occasion of February 2 - Youth Day
On February 1, an event was held at Sumgayit State University on the occasion of February 2 - Youth Day.
First, the professor-teacher and the student body expressed their great respect and respect to the dear memory of the genius by arranging flowers in front of the bust of the national leader Heydar Aliyev erected in the lobby of the university.
The celebration dedicated to the Youth Day was continued in the "Youth" cafe of the university. Then they visited the memorial monument of students and graduates who rose to the peak  of martyrdom in the yard of the university and laid flowers to the monument.
Opening the event, the rector of the university professor Elkhan Huseynov congratulated the youth on the occasion of the remarkable day and wished them a happy and healthy life and a successful future. Speaking about the state youth policy, which was founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev, the rector said that on this historical day, the youth is always treated with great attention and care.  The  measures taken to solve their problems are paid attention.
This policy is one of the most important directions of the independent state of Azerbaijan. It is connected with the name of National leader Heydar Aliyev. National leader Heydar Aliyev  always took care of youth  in his politics, acting as a protector of the youth  from the first days of his leadership, he  did priceless  work in the field of raising a healthy new generation, and signed many decrees and orders related to youth policy. The wise statesman looked at the youth with great hopes. For this the decree signed by the National leader in 1997 that February 2 - Youth Day was celebrated in Azerbaijan for the first time in the CIS and Eastern Europe.
Just as Heydar Aliyev relied on the youth, the youth also perceived him as a great leader, an irreplaceable historical figure, the founder of our national state building. The implementation of the State Program to increase the activity of young people in social and political life, giving priority to young professionals in the management bodies is a successful result of the youth policy defined by the national leader Heydar Aliyev. The successful policy of the Great Leader is successfully continued today by the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Today, the state youth policy implemented under the leadership of the head of state promotes the development of Azerbaijani youth and plays an important role in their self-affirmation in society. Today, youth policy in our country is experiencing a new stage.
Professor Elkhan Huseynov drew attention to the fact that the youth policy implemented in Azerbaijan has not only created conditions for the development of the young generation, but also formed them in a patriotic spirit. In this regard, the 44-day Patriotic war demonstrated the patriotism, strength, and determination of Azerbaijani youth to the whole world. In the  merciless battles, young people were the first to attack the enemy with weapons in hand. Thanks to the activity of our youth, adequate responses were given to the enemy on all social media platforms. All young men who went to war participated heroically in the battles. Each of them wrote a patriotic chronicle with their bravery. They showed the whole world what the young people of Azerbaijan are capable of it. It is a matter of pride that students and graduates of Sumgayit State University were among the young people who wrote history with their blood. They proved with their  bravery that Sumgayit State University produced not only teachers, engineers, historians, but also History-Making Heroes. Sumgayit State University is proud of every student and graduate who participated in the Patriotic war.
At the event, both the rector and the Student Trade Union Committee of the university awarded a group of young people who actively participated in the public-political, cultural-mass events of the university.
Then the dances of the Sama dance group consisting of the students of our university were presented and songs  performed by well-known artists of our republic was played.
On the occasion of Youth Day, a scene called "Debate of faculties" was presented.
In the end, the students expressed their thanks to the rector professor Elkhan Huseynov for the attention and care. They noted that the youth will continue to be loyal to Heydar Aliyev"s legacy, will work hard for the development of our country and will justify the trust shown by president Ilham Aliyev.
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