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III International scientific conference on "Information systems and technologies: achievements and perspectives" has started at SSU
On December 8, Sumgayit State University and Institute of Management Systems jointly organized the III International scientific conference on "Information systems and technologies: achievements and perspectives" in the online format.
In addition to Azerbaijani universities, engineering scientists from leading universities of Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria and other countries also participated in the conference.
Prof., vice-rector for Science and innovations of SSU Ramazan Mammadov opened the conference, wished success to the work of the conference, conveyed the greetings of the rector, professor Elkhan Huseynov to the participants and spoke about the importance of the international conference dedicated to the current topic for the modern era. Prof. Ramazan Mammadov gave information about activities of SSU, international program, projects and recent achievements of ICT, noted that this is the third conference. The first conference was held in 2018, the second conference was held in 2020. Considering the urgency of the topic, it was decided to hold the conference every two years. Because information systems and technologies is a rapidly developing field, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, and there is certainly a need for scientists to exchange ideas about the achievements and future tasks in this field after the last conference. It is very important to hold such a conference in the age of information systems and technologies (ICT). Information technologies are an important part of the process of using information resources of society. Currently, the development of any country is highly dependent on the level of development of information and communication technologies (ICT). In particular, the role of ICT in the implementation of socio-economic policy is rapidly increasing. President Ilham Aliyev constantly focuses on the development of this field in the country, decrees have been signed for the development of ICT, and state programs have been adopted. The normative legal basis of education has been improved, extensive measures are being implemented in educational institutions based on the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the direction of material and technical support. Today, the use of advanced training-technological complexes, especially the advantages of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the training process is an important factor in improving the quality of education. Considering this point of view, increasing the effectiveness of electronic learning systems has a positive effect on improving the quality of education.
Corresponding member of ANAS, executive director of the Institute of Management Systems Aminagha Sadigov spoke about the importance of the conference and said that the purpose of the conference is to discuss the scientific achievements of scientists and specialists in the field of development traditions and perspectives of modern information and communication technologies (ICT).The development and comprehensive application of ICT to form a new economy based on knowledge and high technologies has become one of the main directions of the economic policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The achievements of ICT are applied in the fields of management, education, health, business, tourism and banking, enabling every member of the society to benefit from the available opportunities. This is a bright example of the state"s constant attention to the relevant field in Azerbaijan.
At the plenary session,these participants made presentations: head of the department at the National Aviation Academy, corresponding member of ANAS, professor Ismayil Ismayilov "Concepts of intellectualization of aviation information-management systems" corresponding member of ANAS, professor Aminagha Sadigov "Technology of creating a database for passporting potentially dangerous objects", professor of Varna Technical University of the Republic of Bulgaria Nikola Nikolov "Synthesis of a linear discrete system with an adaptive state regulator", head of the department of Process automation of Sumgayit State University, doctor of technical sciences, professor Javanshir Mammadov on "Software for diagnostics of industrial robot mechatronic parts". They said that the systematic policy covering science, education and economy is the main provider of sustainable and stable development of every country. Information and communication technologies, which are the leading force of this policy, have developed rapidly in recent years and have become an integral part of human activities and socio-economic relations in all areas.
At the conference, discussions were held on the topics of information-measurement and management systems, systematic analysis and modeling, mechatronics and robotics, corporate information systems and their application, intelligent automated design systems.
A dean of the faculty of Engineering associate professor Ulduz Agayev  informed about the further work of the conference. He informed that more than 200 reports and theses submitted to the Organizing Committee of the Conference from 15 universities of 3 foreign countries (Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria) and 8 scientific and higher education institutions of our republic were selected and checked for plagiarism by the Program Committee, of which 132 reports (14 reports from foreign countries) ) was included in the agenda of the conference. The conference will continue its work for two days in 5 sections.
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