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A series of events dedicated to Memorial Day continues in the faculties of SSU
On September 26, an event was held at the faculty of Engineering dedicated to  September 27 - Memorial Day.
First, the National Anthem was played, and the souls of our heroes who were martyred for the territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan were commemorated with a minute of silence.
The dean of the faculty of Engineering, associate professor Ulduz Aghayev stated that the bravery of our Army and the determination of the Commander-in-Chief in the Patriotic War, which began on September 27, 2020 and lasted for 44 days, resulted in the failure of the policy of Armenians and their supporters in the region. Despite all pressures and threats, Azerbaijan won and historical justice was restored. With this victory, the great nation, which turned into an iron fist by the will of the Supreme Commander  wrote a new page in history with golden letters. This iron fist declared the people"s strength, national unity to the whole world.
Azerbaijan always appreciates the bravery of fighting sons, respects the souls of all our martyrs. The Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the establishment of Memorial Day in our Republic  after the 44-day Patriotic War is not only a historical document, but also a clear example of eternal respect for the memory of our martyrs. The dean also noted that the Victory we won in the Patriotic War not only restored our territorial integrity and historical justice, this Victory rekindled the light of life in the hearts of our compatriots who were longing for the Motherland, and gave them the opportunity to return to their native land.
Other speakers speaking at the event said that the lands of Azerbaijan have been under the occupation of Armenian usurpers for nearly 30 years, and our Glorious Army, under the leadership of the victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, launched a counter-attack on September 27 to free our lands in a 44-day war. they noted that he did. They said that they are grateful to our brave men who made our people feel this victory. They emphasized that our heroes who rose to the peak of martyrdom have gained immortality and that we are indebted to them throughout our lives.
Then Mirjamal Sultanov, a participant of the Patriotic War, a student of the faculty"s group No. 643, spoke about the battle path he passed during the days of the Patriotic War, the glorious victory of the Azerbaijan Army and the fearlessness and courage of the martyrs who died for the Motherland, and prayed for mercy to his comrades-in-arms who rose to the height of martyrdom.
At the event, students performed patriotic poems.
A video depicting the Patriotic War was shown.
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