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June 15 – National Salvation Day was celebrated at SSU
There are days of great importance in the destiny of the Azerbaijani people, on those days the foundation of important beginnings that will determine its future life was laid. The most important of such days is June 15 - National  Salvation Day, written in golden letters in our history. National Salvation  Day is not just a calendar holiday for the people of Azerbaijan, it is a day of great social, political and historical importance. On this occasion, on June 14, Sumgayit State University held a scientific-practical conference in an online format on the topic "June 15, the Great Leader"s return to power - National  Salvation  Day is the date of the salvation of Azerbaijani statehood."
Rector professor Elkhan Huseynov opened the conference with an introductory speech, congratulated the participants on the occasion of the National  Salvation Day and talked about the importance of celebrating this day. He said that these days our people are celebrating the next anniversary of the important historical event when our statehood was saved from the threat of destruction - the national leader of our people, Heydar Aliyev  coming to power for the second time in Azerbaijan. With the return of  Great leader to political power, the foundation of modern independent state building, economic reforms, oil strategy was laid in Azerbaijan. Our  independence became irreversible as a result of the National Leader"s tireless  activity and wise policy, legal, democratic and secular state building, formation of the national army. Then the dean of the faculty of History and geography  honored teacher, professor Adil Bakhshaliyev made a speech on the topic "June 15, 1993 is the date of the salvation of Azerbaijan"s statehood" and informed about the history of the liberation of our independent state, the rescue mission of Heydar Aliyev, and the return of the national leader to power. He emphasized that with the return of the National Leader to power, our independence was protected and strengthened, the unity of the state and the people was ensured. 
Later, a video dedicated to the National Salvation Day was shown.
These following participants made a speech  at the conference: dean of the faculty of Economics and management, associate professor Aynura Yahyayeva "Economic situation in Azerbaijan on the eve of the great leader"s return to power", Sevinj Hajieva  assistant of the department of Mathematical analysis and theory of functions  "Historical services of Heydar Aliyev in the prevention of internal political crisis in Azerbaijan", department of the Azerbaijani language and its teaching methodology  lecturer Elshad Aliyev "Foreign policy of Heydar Aliyev in the strengthening of Azerbaijan"s statehood", Nurana Ahmadova, a third-year student of the faculty of Engineering  "Ilham Aliyev"s political activity is a continuation of Heydar Aliyev"s  policy". Thanks to the activities of the great leader, they drew attention to the creation of a normative legal framework that meets high requirements for the formation of civil society, free living of people, and ensuring the rule of law in our independent republic, which is advancing on the path of legal, democratic and secular state building.
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