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An event on "Culture of communication in social networks" was held at SSU
On May 23, in accordance with the requirements of the State Strategy for the development of education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, an event was held on "Culture of communication in social networks" organized by the Student Youth Organization of Sumgayit State University at the faculty of History and geography.
Professor Adil Bakhshaliyev opened the event with an introductory speech and said that social networks are among the most pressing issues today. Social networks, which have become an integral part of the lives of the absolute majority of Internet users in modern times, are not only a platform for convenient communication, dating, sharing information and pictures related to daily life, but also a social and political influence and management tool, a field of conflict and information warfare. Everyone benefits from social networking. Network usage can be positive or negative. The development of the network creates conditions for the abundance of information, making the communication process more optimal and convenient.
 The dean also emphasized that the culture of communication on social networks should be inculcated not only to students, but especially to young people who will work in pedagogy, education, journalism and other socially oriented fields in the future, as well as to media representatives who treat networks as a source of news and information. Each member of the society should spare no effort in the formation and development of the culture of using social networks, which is a part of the culture of communication in the information society.
"The effects of social networks on young people" by Kamala Salamova, associate professor of the department of Pedagogy and psychology of the faculty of Philology, Javid Mamiyev, associate professor of the department of Philosophy, political science and sociology, "The role of the Internet in social interaction formation", Nargiz Yusifova, an employee of the department  on "Online payments and cyber security" and other relevant topics were  listened to. It was reported that the Internet and social media play an important role in the lives of young people, as a means of communication and leisure. Staying on social networks for a long time often distracts young people from real communication, which is necessary for the comprehensive development of the personality. Although most of the young people still prefer real communication over virtual communication.
Then a discussion was held related to  the topic, various opinions were voiced. As in real life, the importance of protecting the rules of etiquette and the norms of our language in the virtual world was emphasized.
Then a video showing the positive and negative aspects of social networks on people's daily lives was shown.
We should   note that the event was held within the support program of "ON1000" Student Youth Organizations.
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