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The joy of Novruz, which brings the fresh breath of spring, is already felt everywhere. As in all parts of the country, an event dedicated to the Novruz holiday was held on March 17 at Sumgayit State University. The event organized in the Sports Hall of the University, featured a review of the holiday khonca of  the faculties.
The presenters dressed  national costumes, greeted everyone and spoke about the features and traditions of Novruz holiday. They said that the  each state is known its policy  and people in the world, along with its national and spiritual values, traditions, culture and scientific potential. The Azerbaijani people , which has a rich history and traditions, has always been proud of its historical roots, national and spiritual values ​​and rich history. The fact that the Novruz holiday, which has a very ancient history  is celebrated by our people every year with a great spirit. Spring holiday is an incomparable keepsake of our wise ancestors to today's generations.
The presenters also noted that for two years  our people have already been celebrating Novruz -a symbol of unity, solidarity, abundance and prosperity with various good mood. 2020  was written in the history of Azerbaijan as the year of Victory. Thanks to the determination of President Ilham Aliyev, the strength and power of our army, the unity and solidarity of our people  the armenian occupation lasted for almost 30 years  was ended and our territorial integrity was restored. Our people were looking forward to this moment. The  burning bonfires   in Cidir duzu made our people forget their 30-year longing for the land. These days, the holiday  burning bonfires  in our liberated lands have a great symbolic and historical significance.
National leader Heydar Aliyev said, “The day will come when we will celebrate Novruz once in Shusha, once in Lachin, once in Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fizuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan and Gubadli. I am sure it will be so. I believe in this and live with this trust, I work with this confidence and I lead the Azerbaijani people with this belief "the presenters reminded this statement   noting that the National Leader was sure  that our lands would be liberated from occupation. The reason for this sureness   was Azerbaijan's well-thought-out policy, and most importantly, its propaganda based on historical facts and real issues and their successful results. President Ilham Aliyev, Commander-in Chief  fulfilled the will of the National leader and the wishes of the Azerbaijani people. While delivering the good news of the liberation of Shusha from the Alley of Martyrs to our people, he stressed that he was happy to fulfill his father's will. During his  visited  Shusha, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev declared  that both Shusha and Karabakh are free from the Cidir duzu , the area where locals celebrated Novruz since the Karabakh khanate. The owners of this land  returned weapons in their hands, flags, patriotism in their hearts: “Patriotism  brought us to Victory. Patriotism became the main factor of our victory. It is wonderful to celebrate Novruz as a victorious nation. We are thankful  to our brave soldiers, our wise Supreme Commander-in-Chief who sacrificed their lives for this day, this joy,  we bow  in front of the souls of our martyrs.
Then the rector of the university, professor Elkhan Huseynov greeted the participants and congratulated everyone on Novruz holiday and wished the national holiday  which reflects the rich national and spiritual values ​​of our people, to bring prosperity and well-being to all families. He once again recalled  the unforgettable memory of the heroic sons who died for the protection of the territorial integrity of our homeland and wished them God's mercy and patience to their relatives.
Speaking about the importance of this holiday, the rector noted that Novruz was a symbol of renewal of life, revival. Novruz was an ancient folk holiday that reflected the culture and national spiritual values ​​of our people and introduced them to the world, but also said that it was  the heritage of our ancestors. He noted that the celebration of Novruz in our country was connected with the name of the National leader of the Azerbaijani people  Heydar Aliyev. Today, president Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva pay special attention to our national and spiritual heritage. Our people celebrate this holiday with greater enthusiasm and high spirits. Novruz holiday has been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO since September 30, 2009, and March 21 has been declared "International Novruz Day" by the UN General Assembly. Historically, Novruz holiday  which has played a great role in the formation of the national way of thinking, the enrichment of high moral values ​​of the people, combined purity and innocence. The rector also noted that the arrival of the Spring Holiday in the Land of Fires was especially significant.
Then the rector  professor Elkhan Huseynov, once again congratulated all employees of the university on the upcoming spring holiday of Novruz, wished them abundance, peace and new achievements.
The event featured various national games, Novruz customs, colorful Novruz khonchas decorated with special taste, samples of our national cuisine that enchanted people with their aroma . The national samovar tea , which made  a real rural atmosphere, Kosa and Kechel, the main heroes of Novruz and the funny conversations of Bahar gizi made the participants cheerful. Performances of well-known artists of the republic and interesting numbers of the university's dance group "Sema"   made festive atmosphere . The warmth of the magnificent Novruz bonfire was met  with great enthusiasm by the participants of the event gathered around it.
At the end of the holiday event, the elder Dada Gorgud blessed our people on the occasion of Novruz.
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