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An International Scientific Conference on "History of Karabakh: political, economic, cultural aspects" was held in the online format at SSU
On March 17, an international scientific conference on "History of Karabakh: political, economic and cultural aspects" was held  at  Sumgayit State University  in the  online format.
The conference was attended by MP, professor Anar Isgandarov and scientists from leading universities in Turkey, Russia, Georgia and other countries, as well as Azerbaijani universities.
First of all, the memory of the heroic martyrs for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was commemorated with a minute of silence.
The conference was chaired by the vice-rector for Science and Innovation of the University Ramazan  Mammadov opened the meeting, greeted the guests and spoke about the importance of the conference. He noted that the purpose of the international conference was to comprehensively cover the geographical, economic, political and cultural aspects of the history of Karabakh from ancient times to the present day and to organize an objective exchange of views on the topic. Noting that the conference was dedicated to an actual and important issue the vice-rector stressed the importance of holding such events. He said that the Azerbaijani Army  under the leadership of president Ilham Aliyev  had restored historical justice and ended the 30-year occupation. They  wrote the most glorious page of our history by showing great heroism and courage. In the last months of 2020, which was marked by many significant and painful events, the people of Azerbaijan, closely united around the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, celebrated the victory of Karabakh with unparalleled joy and pride. The vice-rector also noted that the path to victory began with the will of the great leader Heydar Aliyev's political successor. In his address to the people of Azerbaijan, the great leader said: “I believe that with your help and support, Ilham Aliyev will be able to complete the fateful issues, plans and work that I have not been able to complete. I believe in him as much as I do and have high hopes for his future. " Under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, who made the Great Leader's hopes come true on  November 8, 2020 was written as the most glorious day in our history. Among the successful counter-offensive operations carried out in 44 days became the most important historical event and a great military victory. Azerbaijan's military-diplomatic successes, especially the liberation of the strategically important  Shusha, had a crucial  impact on the turning point  of the war and was written  in our history as "Victory day". Some countries supported us, one of them was the closest country Turkey. Our strength was in our unity. The vice-rector also emphasized the participation of the  students and graduates of Sumgayit State University in this victory, noting that the memory of the heroes killed in the 44-day Patriotic War would always live in the hearts of the Azerbaijani people and they were proud of our veterans. Today, under the leadership of the  president Ilham Aliyev, restoration work is being successfully carried out on the lands liberated from occupation.
At the end of his speech, the vice-rector wished success to the conference and stressed its importance.
Head of the department of Source studies, historiography and methodology of Baku State University, MP, professor Anar Isgandarov, made a  report about  "Karabakh Khanate - from the Kurakchay agreement  to the Turkmenchay agreement" noted that it was committed against the Azerbaijani people many times and had not received its political and legal value The genocide is also one of the unopened pages of history. The Gulustan and Turkmenchay agreements signed in 1813 and 1828  established  the foundation for the seperation of the Azerbaijani people and the division of our historical lands. As a continuation of this national tragedy of the Azerbaijani people, the occupation of its lands began. Today, we are very proud as a great army and nation.
Dean of the Kara Harp School of the National Defense University of Turkey, professor Ibrahim Ethem Atnur Kafqas, delivered a speech on "Turkey-Azerbaijan relations from the Islamic Army to the victory of Karabakh" and stressed the importance of the reports in the  conference. He also said that  the topic  of the conference  was not only Azerbaijan but also the  pride  the whole Turkic world.
Elchin Ahmadov, professor of the department of International relations and foreign policy of the Academy of Public Administration under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Factors and Diplomatic Successes Concerning Azerbaijan's Historical Victory in the Second Karabakh War" Vildanov Ruslan Raisovich, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies, Ufa State Oil Technical University, “History of Karabakh in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times”, dean of the faculty of History and Geography, Sumgayit State University professor Adil Bakhshaliyev  made  reports on the history, military-political and moral reasons for the victory of Karabakh, and expressed their views on its consequences. They noted that this conference would play a significant role in solving various problems in the field of science.
Prof. Shirkhan Salimov, executive secretary of the conference said that 172 reports were included in the agenda of the conference, 9 of them from abroad and 161 from various universities of the country.
The conference will last for two days in three sections.
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