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On November 25, Sumgayit State University hosted the Republican Scientific Conference "Actual Issues of Personnel Training in Energetics Specialties".
The conference was attended by representatives of the teaching staff of SSU, scientists from many universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises of the country.
The participants honored the memory of the martyrs of the Patriotic War with a minute of silence.
The conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Professor Ramazan Mammadov. He conveyed the greetings of the rector, Professor Elkhan Huseynov, to the conference participants, wished her success in her work and spoke about the importance of the event. The vice-rector noted that the electric power industry is of great importance for the regulation of the country's economy. One of the main indicators of the economic power of the state and determining the lifestyle of the population, of course, is the development of the energy industry.
The level of today's development of the electric power industry is associated with the name of the national leader Heydar Aliyev. During all periods of Heydar Aliyev’s leadership of the country, he paid special attention to the development of the country's energy complex, including the energy system. Socio-economic reforms, which were determined by the national leader, are being successfully carried out by President Ilham Aliyev today and are aimed at strengthening the power of the country. The work carried out by the head of state in this area not only logically complements the energy policy pursued during the Soviet period and during the time of independence, but also ensures the development of the electric power system in accordance with modern global trends. An urgent issue is the use of digital educational technologies in connection with the transition to a new level of the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the relevance of graduates mastering the required competencies in the digital economy with continuous training. It was noted that the training of engineers and personnel that meet modern requirements for such a developing area is a priority issue for all universities in the country. One of the main factors of engineering training is the acquisition of both theoretical and practical knowledge by students.
With this in mind, branches of our university's departments have been opened in some institutions, and students hold classes in those branches once a week. In particular, an open-air Training Museum for Electric Power and a 110kV Training Landfill have been established in the university yard for students to use as visual aids. At the same time, one of the main issues of the day is the close study of digital stations and substations equipped with modern equipment by students. By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 45 dated February 11, 2019, a new classification of specialties (programs) at the bachelor's level of higher education was approved. According to the new classification, from 2020, training in the field of energy engineering will begin in accordance with the new educational standard. The Vice-Rector added that taking into account the serious changes in the training of personnel in the field of energy, it is important to hold this Republican Scientific Conference.
At the conference, the following people made speeches accordingly: full member of ANAS, acting first vice-president of ANAS, Director General of the Institute of Physics of ANAS Arif Hashimov on "Modern problems and development of energy", corresponding member of ANAS, Head of the laboratory of Physics of cosmic ray sources of the Institute of Physics of ANAS Vali Huseynov "Prospects for the use of relic neutrinos in the prevention of global warming", Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Azerbaijan Technical University, Honored Scientist, Professor Nurali Yusifbeyli "Priorities of modern engineering training", Director of Sumgayit High Voltage Electric Network LLC Khandan Ahmadov "Modernization of protection of high voltage electrical equipment from overvoltage", Valeh Nasibov, Head of the Perspective Development Department of Electric Power Engineering, Azerbaijan Scientific Research and Design-Research Energy Institute "Prospects for the development of renewable energy sources and the problems of their integration into the energy system", dean of the Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering of Sumgayit State University, Associate Professor Tamella Ahmadova made a report on "Continuous training and dual education for electric power in the context of digitalization of education." They spoke about the country's policy in the oil and gas and electricity sectors, the course of energy policy formed in accordance with the new development trends of the global energy sector, the reform process and the upcoming goals and current issues of training in energy specialties. The rapporteurs stressed with confidence that the close involvement of power engineers in the process of restoring normal life in a short period of time in our lands liberated from occupation by our brave army will have a special place among the contributions of the coming years.
Executive Secretary of the conference Turgay Huseynov, Head of the Department of Electromechanics, informed about the further work of the conference. He noted that more than 100 reports and theses received from 16 scientific and higher education institutions were selected by the Program Committee, plagiarism was checked and 89 reports were included in the agenda of the conference. The conference will continue for two days in 4 sections.
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