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On September 29, on the occasion of the beginning of traditional education at Sumgayit State University, the rector met with first-year students who scored high in the entrance exams.
First, Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov and first-year students with high scores visited the bust of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the lobby of the university and the memorial complex erected in honor of the Martyrs in the courtyard of the university, laid wreaths and flowers.
Then the rector met with freshmen in the auditoriums, congratulated the faculty and students on the glorious start of the 2021/2022 academic year, and wished them success in education and work. He noted that Sumgayit State University will start the new academic year with high-tech auditoriums equipped with the latest achievements of ICT and laboratories equipped with modern equipment, enriched Scientific Library, sports complex, football field, memorial complex erected in memory of our heroic graduates and most importantly with pride of the three-colored flag waving on Shusha Fortress and Khudafarin bridge. He said that due to the long-term fight against COVID-19 infection, the teaching process was carried out mainly from a distance, and finally the traditional teaching was restored. I am confident that this academic year will be remembered for every member of the staff of Sumgayit State University with success, new beginnings and significant achievements. Our joint efforts will allow achieving more serious results in the new academic year in the direction of modernization of Sumgayit State University and modernization in accordance with the requirements of the new era. Today, we can say with great pride that special attention and care is paid to education in our modern, powerful, independent Azerbaijan, inherited by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev. The rector also noted that universities are known for their image. Now Sumgayit State University continues and develops its activities in all areas, not only as a scientific and educational institution, but also as a center of intelligence and culture of the city. The Order signed by our President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the city of Sumgayit states that "Sumgayit State University is already one of the most prestigious universities in the country." This is the highest award given to our university. Reconstruction and landscaping works at SSU have completely changed its appearance.
At the end of his speech, the rector once again congratulated our selfless scientists and students who entered our university with the joy of victory on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, wished them success and good health.
Then, first-year students who scored high in the entrance exams were presented with souvenirs. The students said they were happy to be admitted to SSU and would be eager to master the secrets of science in order to become future professionals.
It should be noted that, disinfection works were carried out in all educational buildings of Sumgayit State University: corridors, auditoriums and laboratories, centers, public catering facilities and sanitary junctions in order to follow the rules of personal hygiene and disinfection measures of each employee and student. In order to raise awareness, educational stands were installed in the corridors, and special disinfectants were installed to reduce the risk of infection of employees and students. In this regard, the management has appointed supervisors in all three educational buildings of the university. In addition, thermal imagers - self-measuring devices measure the temperature of all employees and students entering the administrative building of the university.
In order to organize the training in accordance with the rules of the quarantine regime, the participation of students in the classes is provided up to 70% of the capacity of the classrooms.
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