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On September 27, Sumgayit State University hosted an online scientific-practical conference in connection with the Day of Remembrance.
The leadership and students of Sumgayit State University visited the memorial to the martyred students and graduates erected in the courtyard of the university and laid flowers in front of the monument. The souls of our martyrs who died for the freedom and territorial integrity of our homeland were commemorated with a minute of silence.
A video reflecting the Patriotic War was shown on monitors in the lobby of the university.
Opening the conference, the rector of the university, Professor Elkhan Huseynov, noted that last September was written in capital letters in the fate of our people. It was on September 27, 2020, in response to enemy provocations, that our Victorious Army began to liberate our lands, which had been under enemy occupation for 30 years. Despite being a historically tolerant, peace-loving nation, we had to join the war instigated by Armenia. Although the whole world recognizes the occupied Karabakh and surrounding areas as the territory of Azerbaijan, and the relevant resolutions were adopted by the UN Security Council, no international pressure was exerted on Armenia during this period. On the contrary, most international organizations, which mediate in the solution of the problem, have supported the occupation by pursuing a policy of double standards. However, not a single step was taken back from the national interests of Azerbaijan. In the 44-day Patriotic War, which began on September 27 last year, our heroic sons defeated the enemy, put an end to 30 years of Armenian occupation, and restored historical justice and opened all the doors of Karabakh to us.
Our lands were liberated from occupation at the cost of the blood and lives of our heroic martyrs, soldiers and officers, veterans. During the 44 days of the war, President Ilham Aliyev set a great strategic example on the battlefield, became a true strategist on the diplomatic front, became the true voice of Azerbaijan in the information war, bravely withstood all pressures and became a symbol of struggle as a leader united with his people.
Professor Elkhan Huseynov also stressed that our martyrs are always commemorated at Sumgayit State University, the families of martyrs are visited, they are taken care of. It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the Patriotic War, a group of students and staff of our university also enlisted in the army as volunteers when our Supreme Commander-in-Chief announced a partial mobilization. A group of them went to military service and took part in the battles against the enemy in the ranks of our victorious army.
The rector also noted that a memorial complex was established in the yard of Sumgayit State University to immortalize the memories of students and graduates who rose to the peak of martyrdom, as well as the opening of the stand "Road to Glorious Victory" in the lobby of the university. This is a great incentive to educate students in a patriotic spirit.
At the end of his speech, the rector wished God's mercy and patience to all our martyrs who died in the Great Patriotic War.
Amirkhan Isayev, Associate Professor of the Department of History of the Peoples of Azerbaijan and Eastern Europe, Head of the Career Center delivered speech on, Shafa Aliyev, Professor of the Department of World Economy and Marketing, "September 27, 2020 is the beginning of the war of truth of the Azerbaijani people", Professor of the Department of World Economy and Marketing Shafa Aliyev "Economic factors that led to the Glorious Victory in the 44-day Patriotic War", Associate Professor of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science Javid Mamiyev "Diplomatic successes during the occupation of our lands and the war", Associate Professor of the Department of Azerbaijani language and its teaching methods, head of Council of Young Scientists of SSU Khayala Mursaliyeva on "Karabakh realities: double standards and realities", Nemat Ibayev, associate professor of the Azerbaijani language and its teaching methods, chairman of STUC on "Care for our heroes and their families is a priority of the Azerbaijani state."
They said that exactly one year ago, on September 27, 2020, the beginning of the Second Patriotic War fell on the way to the Great Victory and Historical Victory. They praised the glorious path of the brave Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, and the political and moral support of brotherly Turkey in achieving the Great Victory. They noted that the reforms carried out in the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan for 17 years, as a result of the continuous activity of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, in building the army, put an end to Armenia's policy of aggression. The whole world witnessed the glorious victory of Azerbaijan in the Great Patriotic War due to the courage and bravery of our heroic servicemen and the blood of our martyrs.
In this holy war, which we call the Patriotic War today, our people and army united under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and turned into an iron fist.
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