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An online meeting of the Scientific Council was held at Sumgayit State University on September 24.
The rector greeted the members of the Scientific Council, professor-teaching staff and informed them about the issues on the agenda. He said that the COVID-19 disaster we have faced in the last three years has changed the order and scale of the world. People have broken away from the traditional way of life. The virtual world, the audiovisual world was ruled by spirits. Finally, the separation and longing ended. The troubles caused by the pandemic are over. Like all fields, there was a desire for a changing educational sphere. Not only the region, but also the staff, faculty and students of Sumgayit State University, the leading scientific and educational institution in the country, shared this joy. He congratulated our selfless scientists, not only intellectuals, but also real citizens, teachers, students who entered our university with the joy of victory on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, and wished them success and good health.
Informing the members of the Scientific Council about the issues on the agenda, Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov spoke about the admission statistics of the current academic year, the organization of quality education in the new academic year, the work done to further increase the indicators in key areas. He noted that the necessary measures have been taken to start traditional education, and one of the most important issues today is to be active in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic during training and to follow the established guidelines.
Vice-Rector for Teaching Organization and Training Technologies Natig Talibov informed about the organization and regulation of education at Sumgayit State University in connection with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 275 dated 21.09.2021. In accordance with this decision, the necessary work was done to organize education at Sumgayit State University, technical capabilities were checked, lesson plans and lesson schedules were prepared. Associate Professor Natig Talibov also noted that all lectures will be organized remotely, and classes and laboratory classes will be organized in the traditional way. In addition, one of the main issues is that the number of students is limited to 70 percent. Distance lectures increase the number of large audiences. This will allow students to be 70 percent in class. Also, this semester, all exams will be held in the traditional form.
Rector, Professor Elkhan Huseynov instructed all deans of faculties, heads of departments and subject teachers to keep in mind and strictly ensure the 70 percent limit set by the Ministry of Education to have 70% of the total capacity of the class. He also instructed the university to use sports, assembly halls, libraries and swimming pools during the special quarantine regime in accordance with the rules of sanitation and hygiene and social distance, as well as to limit the number of users.
Nofal Ahmadov, Head of the Personnel Department, spoke about the preliminary results of the admission of students to Sumgayit State University at the bachelor's level and gave detailed information about the plan for the faculties and vacancies. He said that the admission plan for some specialties is full.
Director of the Teaching Methodological Center Faig Shirinov spoke about the sanitary-epidemiological measures held at SSU in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the state of participation of students in the vaccination process at the faculties. He noted that all students over the age of 18 will be vaccinated. They will not be admitted to educational institutions unless they are vaccinated. It was noted that some students were vaccinated with the first dose in the district, and the second dose should be in medical institutions in Sumgayit.
In this regard, the Rector instructed the Vice-Rector for Humanitarian Affairs, Associate Professor Ramiz Huseynov, to organize the vaccination of these students and non-vaccinated students in medical institutions in Sumgayit or directly at the university.
At the end, the rector made recommendations on the issues discussed and wished everyone success in the new academic year.
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