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The next online meeting of the Scientific Council of Sumgayit State University was held on December 22.
Rector of the University, Chairman of the Scientific Council, Professor Elkhan Huseynov opened the meeting with an introductory speech, informed the participants about the issues on the agenda and congratulated them on the glorious victory. He said that under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, the 30-year occupation of our ancestral lands, which had been trampled by the hated enemy, was ended thanks to the bravery of our Army. Azerbaijan has restored its territorial integrity, and we, as the victorious citizens of the victorious country, return to our historical lands, our native Karabakh. Our students and graduates, who took part in military operations to ensure the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and were martyred in honor of the military unit, were awarded the Medal "For the Motherland" by the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. This is an example of respect for the soldier of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Now not only we - the leadership, faculty and students of Sumgayit State University, but also our country and people are proud of them! We bow before the souls of our martyrs!
Rector noted that taking into account the difficulties created by COVID-19 pandemic in education, technical problems in the organization of online classes during the Patriotic War, students living in the frontline, students who can not regularly attend online classes, as in the previous exam session, student-oriented decisions were made in this exam session. He noted that in accordance with the order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 11.12.2020 F-530 on the organization of the examination session of the autumn semester of 2020/2021 academic year online in higher and secondary special education institutions, all conditions have been created for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Taking into account the organization of the examination session of the autumn semester of 2020-2021 academic year at SSU in accordance with the existing rules, ensuring transparency and objectivity in the assessment of students" knowledge, conducting the examination session on the basis of existing normative documents, establishing exam headquarters in educational institutions , in order to promptly investigate each complaint received by these headquarters and take the necessary measures, specific tasks were set before the deans of faculties and heads of departments before the start of the session.
Then, the state of preparation for the autumn exam session of the 2020-2021 academic year at SSU was discussed.
Natig Talibov, Vice-Rector for Teaching Organization and Training Technologies, informed about the bachelor"s degree and said that in accordance with the existing conditions, SSU decided to allow all students to take exams in the subjects taught in the current semester. He noted that due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic, in order to help students in the fall semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, a number of simplified rules will be applied in the implementation of the current assessment by the decision of the Scientific Council:
1. The 50% attendance limit is abolished and all students are admitted to the exams.
2. The number of pre-determined independent work is reduced from 10 to 2.
3. Students are given 20 points as an entrance exam, of which 10 points for independent work, and 10 points for classes and laboratory classes. Each lesson and laboratory lesson is given 5 points, if none of these lessons is given, 10 points are given for the other.
4. Exam questions are reduced to 90 questions and the maximum number of exam questions is 90 questions.
The head of the Scientific Section, associate professor Samir Orujov, gave detailed information on "Approval of the report on research work done at SSU in 2020", the head of the Doctoral and Master"s department, associate professor Sabir Khalilov on "Results of attestation of masters, doctoral students and dissertators in the Scientific Councils".
Scientific Secretary Professor Mukhtar Samadov made a detailed speech on "Implementation of the decisions of the Scientific Council." He noted that despite the restrictions imposed since March 3 due to the pandemic, meetings of the Scientific Council were held regularly at our university every month. In the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the meetings of the Scientific Council were held online, and taking into account the decisions of today"s meeting, 76 decisions were made at the meetings of the Scientific Council during the first semester. These decisions are kept in the spotlight and implemented by all deans, departments and other heads of structures.
In connection with current issues, it was noted that the Scientific Council received one textbook and six subject programs for the right of publication
After the discussions, it was decided to publish the teaching aids.
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