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Urgent measures are being taken to prevent the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in Azerbaijan. Taking into account the suspension of classes due to the necessary measures related to the coronavirus, the teaching process at Sumgayit State University was organized online and offline in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the Ministry of Education. Depending on the nature of the subjects taught, some classes are based on WhatsApp groups. Thus, the leader of the group appointed to organize the teaching enters the names of all students and teachers in the WhatsApp group. The teacher sends the lecture materials to the student"s e-mail address, and as a result, the student is provided with the necessary literature.
Classes are held here in accordance with the schedule of classes held at the university, the lecture of the lecturer is read with the participation of all students of the WhatsApp group. As a result of the joint work of lecture and class teachers, the lessons are clearly explained to the students.
One of the most widely used systems at the university is the moodle system developed as part of the university"s Erasmus + project, which aims to organize students" classes offline. Teachers and students register on, which was created to use the system. Teachers post the materials required for mastering the lesson on the site, and students use these materials to prepare for lessons at any time.
Other systems used to organize online classes are Zoom meeting online and Trueconf online. The advantage of these systems is the organization of online classes with the participation of all students at the same time. However, the relative difficulty of these systems is related to the speed of the Internet. Thus, due to the fact that SSU has students from about 60 regions of the country, and due to the speed of the Internet in the regions, these systems are less used.
It should be noted that the Ministry of Education, with the technical support of Microsoft, advised higher education institutions to use the Microsoft Teams platform in order to provide students with the opportunity to master educational programs and distance learning during the suspension of the educational process. With this in mind, students of Sumgayit State University will be able to take live online classes on the Microsoft Teams online platform shortly after Microsoft completes their preparations. The university is currently preparing to join the platform in coordination with the Ministry of Education.
The organization of distance online and offline classes is welcomed by parents and students and is considered as an additional tool for mastering the subjects in the future, even after the teaching process is returned to normal.
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