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Urgent measures are being taken to prevent the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in Azerbaijan. Taking into account the suspension of classes due to the necessary measures related to the coronavirus, the classes taught at Sumgayit State University were organized online.
For this purpose, the activity of the Moodle system was discussed at SSU on March 22. Rector Professor Elkhan Huseynov said that the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which today has become a universal disaster, has almost disrupted the rhythm of the world. On the instructions of our President Ilham Aliyev, urgent measures are being taken to prevent the threat it may pose on the territory of Azerbaijan. According to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, in order to prevent infections, medical-prophylactic, disinfectant and other preventive measures are being taken in all educational institutions located in the country. The process of teaching and learning in educational institutions has been suspended and all related events have been postponed. Due to the necessary measures taken against coronavirus, classes taught at Sumgayit State University are conducted online. Our online education is designed as an alternative to full-time education; provides communication between teacher and student through telecommunication and computer networks on the basis of operative, regular dialogue, interaction, from long distance. Rector noted that distance learning serves students to spend their free time effectively, stressed the need for online communication with our students currently living in the regions and Baku, said that the issue of activating the Resource Center (Studio) established in 2016 as part of the ERASMUS + LPEB project focused on distance education, is actual and gave instructions on the work to be done in this direction.
Afterwards the deans gave a brief report on the state of education. They said that all classes at the faculties were organized online. Deputy deans and tutors are involved in the groups and the classes are closely monitored. Students make effective use of the university's electronic library. In the created online groups, students together with the seminar teachers set special hours during which all students participate in the classes online. Teachers, in turn, take notes based on students' responses. The organization of classes in this way is welcomed by parents and students.
At the end, Murad Huseynli, the person in charge of SSU on Moodle, gave detailed information about the purpose of the system, its use, and the teams. He noted that in order to work in the Moodle system, you must first register. The personal cabinet of the user-teacher and the student is created. Teachers place lectures and other lesson materials in the system according to their sections. Thus, the material becomes accessible to students. At present, 2,500 people are registered. Moodle system is very useful for online classes, courses, trainings. Explanatory videos for teachers and students on how to use Moodle were sent to their WhatsApp.
It should be noted that the Moodle system was established in December 2019 at Sumgayit State University within the ERASMUS + PETRA project, and the Electronic Laboratory was opened in June. The Moodle system was learned as a result of training conducted by professors of Jyväskylä University of Finland. Two people from SSU - Vice-rector for Teaching Organization and Training Technologies Natig Talibov, head of the Department of International Cooperation and International Students, Ph.D. Samira Mammadova participated in Moodle trainings at Jyväskylä University. Murad Huseynli, a programmer at SSU's Information Technology Center, participated in the trainings organized at Khazar University in Baku.
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